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Girl names that can start with C or K

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Plenty of names come with one spelling only, but a handful of names let you get more creative. Do you prefer names that start with a C or a K? We've rounded up our favorite baby girl names that can go either way.

While the Kardashians have received quite a bit of side-eye for their all-K brood, not all C-to-K changes are done for style. Many traditional Greek names (or names from other Greek-based languages) start with a K, but their Latin versions — more common in the United States — begin with a C. While a name like Kalliope looks invented to American eyes, Calliope is the one that looks out of place in the original Greek. Many German and Russian names also make heavy use of the letter K.

When done for aesthetics, changing C to a K gives a name a bit of a throwback 1980s feel. If you're looking to honor your childhood or someone from your own generation — sisters, cousins, BFFs — see if these baby girl names ring any bells for you.

Sweet baby girl names that can start with C or K

While not all of these baby girl names are in common usage, each one was given to five or more baby girls last year. What's your preference? You might be surprised how many of these names are actually more popular with the K. Maybe the '80s are coming back a bit stronger than we thought!

As with all unique spellings, know that any of these names will be equally problematic for your daughter. Even if you choose the more common spelling, she will almost always have to clarify. It's a small price to pay for the perfect name, but do keep in mind you won't be the one paying it — she will.

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