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Girl names with lovely meanings

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Many of today’s parents want a unique baby girl name that also has a beautiful meaning.  Our Advanced Baby Name Search  allows you to research not only the origin of the name, but also the meaning. Check out our picks of the best baby girl names with beautiful meanings.


Baby girl names meaning “love”

Your daughter was created out of love, so it is only fitting you give her a name that literally means “love.”  Check out some of our picks below:


Princess baby names


Baby girl names meaning “beautiful”

These pretty baby girl names also have a meaning that is equally as beautiful.

  • Elle: Beautiful fairy
  • Lily: Purity and beauty
  • Mabel: My beautiful one
  • Jamila: Beauty
  • Belinda: Very beautiful
  • Jolie: Cheerful, pretty
  • Jamille: Beautiful
  • Kenna: Attractive
  • Lana: Attractive, peaceful
  • Naveen: Beautiful

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Girl names that mean “noble” or “strong”

Why not give your daughter a baby name that means noble or strong? These beautiful names are perfect for your future leader.

  • Adella:
  • Adette:
  • Alonsa
  • Mona:
  • Patricia:
  • Abrianna
  • Elsie
  • Ethel:
  • Adalia
  • Ailisa


Baby girl names with unique spellings

Girl names that mean “happy”

These sunny and fresh baby girl names are perfect for you daughter, as they literally mean “happy!” Check out the following girl names that are sure to bring a spring to your step.


Cute and classic girl names

Baby girl names meaning “miracle”

If you child was a miracle baby, perhaps giving her an equally miraculous name would be fitting. These names are unique and lovely, just like your beautiful baby girl.

  • Karamat: Miracle
  • Daniella: Feminine form of Daniel, who miraculously survived the den of lions in the Old Testament
  • Karishma: Miracle
  • Alazne: Miracle


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