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Gorgeous Greek baby names

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If you want to take your baby name search in an international direction, Greece is the perfect place to start. We've been borrowing names from Greece's rich culture for hundreds of years. Read on to see how a Greek name like Sophia came to be the No. 1 name in America.

In Greece, much like a birthday, people celebrate their "name day." This takes place on the day of the year the church honors the saint or martyr for which they were named. A name day actually surpasses a birthday in significance for many Greeks, making honor names incredibly important within their culture.

If you or your partner come from a family with Greek roots, you know the gravity of choosing a name with a powerful meaning. Some languages don't allow for much overlap of names, with parents from different backgrounds having a limited number of options that both families can pronounce. Thankfully, several Greek baby names cross over into English without a problem, and sound fabulous in the process.

Greek baby girl names

If you want a baby name fit for a goddess, look no further. Greek baby girl names command attention with their beauty and strength. Given the popularity of Sophia, we expect many of these gorgeous girl names to soar in popularity in coming years. We find Persephone — a sort of mashup of Stephanie and Penelope — to be underappreciated. Do you think the lack of an obvious nickname is holding parents back?

Greek baby boy names

Greek baby boy names have strong, charming syllables. The abundance of vowel sounds makes for a striking comparison to many popular American names. The list kicks off with our favorite of the bunch. Ajax reminds us of Alex and Max, making it a better classroom fit than you might initially think.

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