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Goth Baby Girl Names

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Are you a goth, metal or punk rock mama or dad-to-be, or does your interest in popular culture (music, film and literature) run towards the not-so-very-popular? Do you love horror movies and Lovecraft? Do you love spiders and bats? Do you have plush zombie dolls picked out for your newborn? Then we have some fun and interesting goth baby girl names -- straight from the dark side!

Goth baby girlLooking for the perfect goth baby name for your little girl? Check out some of our ideas below.

Names from Literature

We can start off with the title of one of the best-known poems from the classic horror and mystery writer, Edgar Allan Poe -- Raven. Corvina is a Latin name with the meaning of "raven" that you can use as well. Another name that comes from Poe is Lenore. It is found in The Raven as well as another poem that is simply called Lenore. Lenore is also the name of a character created by Roman Dirge, and stars in her own "dark humor" comic books. Annabel is another Poe name, coming from a poem by the name of Annabel Lee.

Before there was Twilight, there was a series of Vampire books you may remember called The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. They are full of timeless, classy names with a wonderful bloodsucking vampire touch that you may appreciate. For example, Claudia, Madeleine, Gabrielle, Maharet and Mekare. She also wrote a trilogy about the Mayfair Witches that is full of fabulous witchy names. Some of these names are not overtly spell-binding, but when you know their source it can make for a fun and interesting name. Names like Suzanne, Deborah and Charlotte sound somewhat normal and common until you read the books and find out that Suzanne Mayfair calls up a spirit that will haunt her family for centuries. There are other names in the Mayfair lineage to choose from, such as Stella, Deirdre, Rowan and Mona.

Names from Television and Film

Movies and television are a treasure trove of fun, unusual -- and sometimes scary -- names. The 60's sitcom Bewitched has several names to choose from : Samantha, Endora, Tabitha, Clara and Serena. From film, Rosemary is an obvious choice, from the 1968 horror film, Rosemary's Baby (and book of the same name). Carrie is another good choice, from the Stephen King novel/film. Samara is the name of the ghost from The Ring, and who can forget Regan from The Exorcist? Clarice is a name that will probably be associated with, for some time to come, the protagonist from The Silence of the Lambs.

Names from Myths and Legends

Arachne is a Greek name meaning "spider" (it can also be spelled Arakne). This name comes from a boastful girl in a Roman myth who winds up being turned into a spider by Athena. Hecate is the name of the Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft. Circe is also a goddess in Greek mythology who is known as a witch who causes trouble for Odysseus on his journey home in Homer's Odyssey. Morgan was the name of the witchy sister of King Arthur, and the name of a magical island in the Arthurian legend is Avalon, which would also make a lovely name.

Dress in Black?

Ciara (Irish), Ebony (Latin), Jetta (Danish), Kali (Sanskrit), Sable (Slavic) are names that all mean "black."

Whatever your interest, from the tomes of yesteryear to the sweet witches of the 60's to modern-day horror fests, you're sure to find a baby name that will suit your unique tastes!

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I just want to find a realy cute Name for My Babygirl..I HAVE IT !:)..:Gia

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