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Green Baby Names

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Whether you’re especially “green” or just have a love of nature, you can celebrate the earth every day by giving your child one of these environmentally friendly names. Make a positive “footprint” on the world by choosing a green baby name for your baby boy or baby girl.

Green baby in a treeHistorical References

The Pilgrims lived off the land and celebrated it as well. Their children were often given intriguing names such as Ashes, Delivery, Dust, Earth and Increase.

Mythologically speaking, Gaia was known as the Greek Supreme Goddess of the Earth (more simply, Mother Earth). But there were other mythological beings who watched over land, sea and sky: Ceto (deity of large marine beasts), Nereus (sometimes known as “the old man of the sea”), Pontus (personification of the sea) and Uranus (son of Gaia, meaning Sky).

Seasonal References

Every season of the year creates another opportunity to appreciate what the earth provides, and each of the four seasons is in and of itself an inspiring name for your child.

When Winter blankets the earth, it gives the world a chance to rest until the next season of new birth. Names associated with this time of year include: Crystal, Drumlin, Frost, Garland, Holly, Ivy, January, Snow, Solstice and Vetr.

Spring is a time of rejuvenation, when the rains are falling, flowers are blooming and the waters are flowing. Evoke this season with green names such as: April, Bloom, Blossom, Bud, Cascade, Hyacinth, May, Rain, River, Thunder and Tulip.

It’s the oppressive heat that is damaging much of our world, but in Summer there is nevertheless beauty to be found, especially in green-inspired names such as these: August, Clover, Daisy, Dandelion, June, Storm, Sumarr and Sunny.

Autumn is synonymous with falling leaves but this colorful season of the year can inspire far beyond this natural occurrence: Ember, Fern, Harvest, Luna, Misty, Moon, Spice and Windy.

Out of the Garden

The Flora and Fauna of gardens and forests are a rich source of meaningful names. Here are a few standouts that just scratch the surface of what the earth provides and will help you develop an impactful and environmentally friendly name for your new baby boy or girl: Alder, Alyssum, Ash, Aster, Aurora, Azalea, Basil, Briar, Magnolia, Marigold, Mountain, Poppy, Ridge, Rue, Saffron, Spruce, Stone, Tempest and Terra.

Notable Environmentalists

It’s the voices and beliefs of the following individuals that have shaped the environmental movement into what it is today. Marginalized as “tree-huggers” no more, from Transcendentalists to movie stars, these are the pioneers and visionaries who have made their mark in an effort to save Mother Earth. If their first names are too common for your taste, consider their last names for your child’s main moniker.

Al Gore
Aldo Leopold
Chico Mendes
David Brower
Dian Fossey
Edward Abbey
E.F. Schumacher
George Perkins Marsh
Gro Harlem Brundtland
Henry David Thoreau
James Lovelock
Jane Goodall
John Muir
Jonathon Porritt
Leonardo DiCaprio
Lois Gibbs
Rachel Carson

Going Green

You can also show your support for the green movement by literally naming your child after the dozens of shades of green, many courtesy of good old Crayola: Apple, Beryl, Chartreuse, Fir, Forest, Jade, Kelly, Lime, Malachite, Meadow, Mint, Olive, Pine, Sage, Sea, Shamrock and Willow.

There are many ways to find inspiration in the environment surrounding you when it comes to naming your child, just as there are plenty of gestures you can make to reduce your impact on this world. Every little bit helps, and you may impassion your child – the future of our world – to want to make this earth a better place, merely by virtue of their own name.

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