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Light and bright baby names

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Your new baby will be the light of your life, so choose a name to reflect that! Check out these gorgeous names for boys and girls that bring the sunshine wherever they go.

Is a strong meaning important to you when selecting a moniker for your little one? Not all parents agree. Cameron, hugely popular for both boys and girls, means "crooked nose." If you find yourself wanting to fill your child's name with more appealing associations, we recommend searching for names by meaning.

Light fills us with hope. It breaks through the darkness and brings with it a whole new world, just like the birth of a sweet little baby. The symbol of bright light shows up in cultures across the globe, giving you many options when it comes to naming your little sun spot. We've handpicked the brightest to get you started.

Light and bright baby boy names

Lu- is the prefix to choose if you want light names for boys. We included a few of our favorites, but any variation of Luke will do. (You'll find several more of these on the girl list, thanks to Lucy.) 

  • Abner: Hebrew, "father of light"
  • Aloke: Indian, "light"
  • Bert: English, "bright light"
  • Birch: English, "bright; shining; the birch tree"
  • Clarence: English, "bright or clear"
  • Dayton: English, "day town; light town"
  • Fai: Chinese, "light"
  • Gilbert: French, "bright lad"
  • Guang: Chinese, "light"
  • Hobart: German, "high or bright"
  • Jomei: Japanese, "spread light"
  • Lambert: German, "bright land"
  • Lucas: Gaelic, "light"
  • Lucien: French, "light; illumination"
  • Ludo: Italian, "light"
  • Luken: Basque, "light"
  • Ori: Hebrew, "my light"
  • Quon: Chinese, "bright"
  • Riordan: Irish, "bright"
  • Robert: Scottish, "famed; bright; shining"
  • Roshaun: African American, "brilliant light"
  • Rupert: German, "famed; bright; shining"
  • Sam: Hebrew, "sun child; bright sun"
  • Sheridan: Gaelic, "bright"
  • Sinclair: Scottish, "bright; clear"
  • Uriel: Hebrew, "God is my light"
  • Wilbur: English, "willful; bright"
  • Ziv: Hebrew, "bright"

Light and bright baby girl names

Helen, Greek for "light; one who is bright," provides many of the diminutives that appear on our list. Which one is your favorite?

  • Ailey: Irish, "light"
  • Akiko: Japanese, "iris; light and bright"
  • Aline: French, "bearer of light"
  • Alona: Spanish, "light"
  • Annot: Hebrew, "light"
  • Anora: English, "light"
  • Arine: Basque, "light"
  • Claire: French, "clear, bright"
  • Clarisse: French, "bright; shining and gentle; famous"
  • Dalla: Icelandic, "luminosity; brilliance (light)"
  • Della: German, "bright; noble"
  • Diya: Indian, "light"
  • Elaine: French, "shining light"
  • Eleanor: English, "shining light"
  • Eleni: Greek, "light"
  • Evelyn: Celtic, "light"
  • Kiran: Indian, "a beam of light"
  • Lenora: English, "shining light"
  • Lucette: English, "variant of Lucy: light"
  • Luciana: Italian, "light; illumination"
  • Lucinda: Italian, "graceful light; illumination"
  • Lucy: English, "light"
  • Luz: Spanish, "brings light"
  • Madge: English, "pearl; child of light"
  • Maisie: Scottish, "pearl; child of light"
  • Mashal: Arabic, "light"
  • Meira: Hebrew, "light"
  • Mina: Arabic, "light"
  • Nazmin: Arabic, "light"
  • Nella: English, "shining light"
  • Nora: Hebrew, "light"
  • Noreen: Irish, "light; honor"
  • Orah: Hebrew, "light"
  • Phoebe: Greek, "pure; bright"
  • Sorcha: Irish, "bright; intelligent; princess"
  • Zara: French, "light"

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