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Literary baby names from the new classics

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Written by Mary Fetzer   
Naming a child after a beloved book character is always a good idea. But before your reach back to those old childhood favorites, take a look at these unique baby names drawn from new literary classics. 


Baby names from Divergent 

In post-apocalyptic Chicago, 16-year-olds are sorted into faction based on their personality: Abnegation (selfless), Amity (peaceful), Candor (honest), Dauntless (brave) and Erudite (intelligent). Teens with undetermined factions are "Divergent." Divergent is the first book in the series, and it's followed by Insurgent and Allegiant. Check out these awesome baby names from the first book and movie:

Baby names from The Hunger Games

As the world watches, desperate teens fight for their lives in The Hunger Games, the super-popular book and movie series. What's fun about the names from this saga is that so many of them are unisex. (And if you do a bit of research, you'll find that author Suzanne Collins pulled many of her names from Shakespeare's plays.) 

  • Katniss 
  • Gale 
  • Peeta 
  • Effie
  • Haymitch 
  • Primrose
  • Cato 
  • Caesar
  • Rue
  • Clove
  • Glimmer 
  • Seneca 
  • Cinna 
  • Thresh 
  • Portia
  • Marvel
  • Octavia
  • Flavius 
  • Venia

50 Shades of Grey

The erotic best-selling novel defines the new genre "Mommy Porn." It has sold more than 10 million copies in more then 30 countries. 

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