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Majestic baby names from the animal kingdom

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Don't worry, we haven't gone off the celebrity noun name deep end. Our list focuses on baby names with animal meanings — subtle, muted ties to their qualities. Mostly. We threw in a few unconventional choices. Did your favorite animal make our list?

Baby names that mean lion

If you feel a bond with the king of the jungle, check out these ferocious baby names. We were surprised to find so many fresh choices not tied to the Latin root leo.

Baby names that mean bear

Be a true mama bear by giving your cub one of these baby names inspired by bears.

Baby names that mean horse

Horses symbolize both strength and gentleness — a combination not found in many other creatures. Give your son or daughter a name inspired by this beautiful animal.

Baby names from the sky

Whether you expect your baby to be fierce like an eagle or as meek as a songbird, one of these baby names inspired by winged animals is sure to please.

  • Adler: German, "eagle"
  • Aiya: Hebrew, "bird"
  • Amalda: German, "eagle or strong"
  • Arabella: German, "eagle heroine"
  • Aren: German, "eagle"
  • Arnold: German, "the eagle rules; as strong as an eagle"
  • Arvada: Danish, "eagle"
  • Birdie: English, "little bird; birdlike"
  • Cholena: Native American, "bird"
  • Darvell: English, "town of eagles"
  • Dyami: Native American, "eagle"
  • Fiacra: Celtic, "eagle"
  • Gavin: Welsh, "hawk of the battle"
  • Gawyn: Scottish, "white hawk"
  • Jay: English, "to rejoice; the name of a bird"
  • Keaton: English, "place of the hawks"
  • Mavis: English, "song thrush"
  • Oriel: French, "bird"
  • Peregrine: English, "falcon"
  • Peta: Native American, "golden eagle"
  • Sippora: Hebrew, "bird"
  • Starling: English, "bird"

Baby names from the sea

Does your baby flop about like a fish in your belly? Perhaps one of these baby names inspired by ocean life will catch your eye. We love the idea of an ocean-themed nursery, complete with a white noise machine set to soothing sounds of the sea.

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