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Masculine Baby Names for Boys

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Are you looking for a masculine baby boy name? You may be seeking a boy's name that leaves no question as to its intended gender, or you may like names that sound strong, brave and sure. Many masculine-sounding names are short and to the point, while others are a little more elaborate. Be sure to check out our list of the best masculine names for boys and get inspired to name your little man!

Father and sonOften, a name that sounds masculine to your ears may be a traditional name that retains -- or regains -- its popularity throughout the years and is also used through more than one generation. If you associate an important man in your life (such as your father, grandfather or older brother) with a certain name it may have more of a masculine sound to it. Also, names from history will often sound quite masculine -- and even names of superheroes, such as Clark or Kent (Superman).

Other times a name may have a really cool meaning such as "dragon" or "rock" and the name itself might even sound like its meaning. Occupational names or transferred surnames have a masculine ring to them as well and would make a good option for you to consider.

Have fun browsing our list of the top masculine names for baby boys!

Abram: A Hebrew name, this means "high father" and is another version of the name Abraham.

Alexander: This classic Greek name means "man's defender" and is easily shortened to Alex, Xander or Zander.

Brant: A variation of the name Brent, this has Old English origins.

Brock: Originally a surname, this Gaelic name means "badger-like."

Cade: From Old English and Old French, this  means "round, cask."

Clark: This is an occupational name that means "clerk." The alter ego of Superman.

Craig: A Scottish name, this means "rock, rocky."

Drake: This Middle English name means "dragon."

Gage: An Old French name, this means "pledge, oath."

Gavin: Meaning "white falcon," this name has Welsh and Scottish origins.

Grant: This Scottish name means "tall" or "big."

Harrison: Meaning "son of Harry," this name has Old English origins.

Heath: This name has Middle English origins and refers to untended land.

Kent: An Old English name, this means "edge."

Lance: Even though this sounds like the jousting weapon, this name actually means "land" and is from the Old German name Lanzo.

Marshall: This occupational name means "takes care of horses."

Max: This is the short form of a number of longer first names -- such as Maximilian, Maximo or Maxwell -- that is often bestowed as an independent given name.

Rex: A Latin name, this means "king."

Roman: Meaning "citizen of Rome," this name has Latin roots.

Scott: Meaning "from Scotland," this name has Old English roots.

Theo: A short form of Theodore, this name means "God's gift" or "brave people."

Vincent: A Latin name, this means "prevailing."

Wyatt: This name means "war strength" and is of Old English origins.

Zane: This English name is possibly a variation of the name John, meaning "God's grace."

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