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Mathematical baby names

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If you're a lifelong lover of math, have you considered looking to the field for baby name inspiration? We gathered the best of the best mathematical baby names for boys and girls, from the obvious to the obscure.

Mathematical baby names

Top 5 baby boy names based on mathematicians

  1. August - Kicking off the list is August Ferdinand Möbius, who developed all sorts of important concepts in Euclidean geometry and beyond, but mostly we know him for the Möbius strip.
  2. Blaise - There wasn't much Blaise Pascal didn't try his hand at, but his greatest achievement was his development of probability theory. You can't go wrong with the surname as a first name in this case, calling him Cal for short.
  3. Carl - Carl Friedrich Gauss revolutionized so many mathematical concepts in the 19th century he came to be called "the prince of mathematics."
  4. Isaac - His law of gravity makes Isaac Newton one of the most celebrated mathematicians and physicists of the last three centuries.
  5. Nash - John F. Nash, Jr. won a Nobel Prize for his work in the mathematical field of game theory. We suggest the surname here for maximum math inspiration and because no one else is using this fresh baby boy name.

Top 5 baby girl names based on mathematicians

  1. Ada - If your interests skew more toward the computer science end of the mathematics spectrum, consider naming your baby girl after Augusta Ada Byron, commonly known as Ada Lovelace, who was the first computer programmer.
  2. Amalie - Amalie Emmy Noether, usually called by her middle name, not only rubbed elbows with Albert Einstein, she revolutionized theoretical physics and abstract algebra.
  3. Maria - Combine your joint appreciations for calculus and writing by naming your daughter after Maria Gaetana Agnesi: she wrote the first book covering integral and differential calculus. Maria too common? Try a spin on her surname and go with Agnes--it has that perfect old fashioned baby name flair.
  4. Marjorie - Marjorie Lee Browne earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1949, one of the first two African American women in her field to achieve such a feat. 
  5. Sofia - It's time to take this one back from the princesses. Sofia Kovalevskaya secured herself a doctorate in mathematics via private study in Russia at a time when women were not permitted to attend university.

None of these names quite make the cut? Get creative with numbers and let math inspire your baby's name in other ways. If your last name has a prime number of letters, choose primes for the other two to match. Make the number of letters go in ascending or descending order, or make them all add up to your favorite number. You can even make the initials spell something mathematical, like TAN, COS, or DIV. Probably no one will ever notice your secret nod to math with these baby names, so don't be afraid to go all in!

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