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Names that will get your child bullied

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

Kids have a tough enough time in school... why give them a name that will make life even more challenging for them? There are just some baby names that can wreak havoc on your child's social life:

Hipster baby names

There is a time and a place for the hipster culture, and school is really not one of them. Hipsters, as a rule, balk at convention and set their educated selves apart with unique fashions, hairstyles and names. This can be rough on a kid whose main objective is to fit in… somewhere.

Hipster names include the likes of Briseida, Zola, Enoch, Ignatius and Gulliver. If it's really important to you to give your child a hipster label, consider saving it for his middle name. He can decide later if he's brave enough to use it.

Unisex baby names

Boy and girl baby name lists are not as exclusive as they once were. The gender lines are blurred, and many names are used for boys and girls alike. The problem here is that your child might share his name with a classmate of the opposite sex. It's definitely fodder for bullies.

More contemporary unisex names include Dakota, Madison, Reagan, London, Reese, Parker and Max, as well as Logan, Tristan, Charlie, Dallas and Phoenix. Since they're so popular right now, there's a definite possibility that your child will encounter at least one peer with the same name.

Masculine-turned-feminine baby names

In a similar vein, there is a growing trend among celebrities (which eventually trickles down to us regular folk) to give boy names to their daughters.  Again, this could lead to teasing ("Ew, you have a boy name!") and make it tough on your daughter's namesakes, too. ("Ha-ha, you have the same name as that girl!")

While the trend is sort of cool, consider the number of years your child will spend in school and what the negative impact of sporting a non-traditional name may be. Celebrity examples of boy names for girls include August, Elliotte, Gray, Sage, Scout, Sterling and Wyatt.

Some celebs opted to let the masculine moniker play second fiddle as the middle name. They paired the likes of James (or Jaymes), Easton, Ray, Ryan and Thomas with more feminine first names.

Bottom line: The choice is yours. You can satisfy your need to select a cool, hip, trendy name or you can take into consideration that kids can be mean, and your child's name may give others the ammunition they need to tease.

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