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Names that will make your child hate you

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

Do you like the name your parents gave you?  Most of us embrace our given names, but others just can't accept their legal monikers. So now it's your turn to choose the right name for a child… a name that he or she will use forever. No pressure, but have you considered how your child will feel if you select the wrong name? Read on for a list of names that just might cause your offspring to strongly dislike you…

Punctuate that!

"My Ma, while working as a librarian, came across a library card with the name: 'La-A,' says Reddit user Hairy_Walrus. "After pronouncing it 'L.A.,' my Ma was corrected and told it's pronounced, la-DASH-ah."  See a list of more weird baby names.

100 Proof

"My brother dated a girl named Sherry," wrote one Reddit user. "Normal enough name until I met her family. Her parents were heavy alcoholics and had six children: Sherry, Brandy, Jack, Johnny and Margarita." Jump on the wagon with one of our clever cocktail names.


In recent years, the girl name Neveah has become popular. Neveah, of course, is heaven spelled backwards. Sadly, some Reddit users have come across more reversed names: Yarp (for Pray) and Evol (for Love).  Nice.  Find your niche with unique and fun baby name themes.

Destination: Conception

Reddit users are not at all fond of place names, such as Austin, India, Brooklyn, London, Egypt, Asia and Paris. You may want to mark that special place where the baby was conceived, but not everyone wants to be privy to such information. If you're really into destination names, click here.

Spaced Out

Sick_Girl01 dated a guy whose dad was named Mars and whose aunts are Star, Celestial and Venus. Find more galactic baby name inspiration.


When cherrysizzle worked at a youth camp, she met four siblings from Louisiana named Jenerika, Jeterika, Jetiania and Jenae.  Alliteration is one thing (John, James and Joseph, perhaps?); alliteration with unpronounceable names is another! Check out cool examples using alliteration for first and middle names.

Spelling rules aside

Modern parents love to "improve on" the spelling of classic traditional names, much to the chagrin of the rest of the world which will inevitably misspell them. One commenter cited the slaughtering of Michaela with new renditions such as Mychaela and Makayla, while another met a Jacqueline whose name was spelled Juaqlyne. We've rounded up the baby names with the most spelling variations. You may be surprised.

Doubled up

"Phillip Phillips' parents have a lot to answer for," commented one Reddit user. Please use caution if your last name is Williams, Thomas, Edwards or some other version of a common first name. We have the right way to use surnames as first names.

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