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Bestow a mother's name on a baby boy

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It's easy to hand down a dad's name to his son, but what if you want to honor your baby boy with Mom's name? There are a few fun ways to go about it.

Baby boy and momWill Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, have named their kids after themselves, but not in a conventional way. Their daughter Willow is named after Dad, and their son Jaden is named after mom. Naming a boy after his mother is not common, but it's incredibly sweet and gives him a neat link to Mom.

Easy conversions

Some names are easy to convert from Mom to son -- Robert from Roberta, or Samuel from Samantha. It's possible that your name is a feminine version of a male name, which will make the change super easy. Other names may be a bit more challenging. You can concentrate on general sounds -- like the first syllable -- to find a really neat complementary pair that, while it doesn't exactly match, still reminds you of your own name.

Here are a handful of suggestions based off names that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s (the time when mom may have been born).

  • Alison -- Allen
  • Amber -- Ambrose or Amare
  • Angela -- Angus
  • Bridget -- Brock or Brian
  • Cathy -- Caleb, Cameron or Cade
  • Dawn or Donna -- Donovan or Donald
  • Elizabeth -- Elijah
  • Erin -- Eric
  • Janet -- James or Jake
  • Jennifer -- Jeremy
  • Julia or Julie -- Julius, Jules or Jude
  • Lisa or Lillian -- Liam or Lincoln
  • Margaret --Garrett
  • Mary -- Marcus or Marcellus
  • Melanie -- Meyer
  • Michelle -- Milo or Micah
  • Pamela -- Peyton
  • Rebecca -- Rex
  • Rhonda -- Rhys or Rhett
  • Shannon -- Shawn
  • Susan -- Sullivan
  • Tammy -- Talon
  • Tonya -- Tony or Tobias
  • Tracy -- Trevor, Trey or Tristan

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