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Noun names from other languages

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Sometimes our particular interests don't translate well into naming our children. English nouns can be too blunt. Naming your daughter Star, while an option, can give her undue attention on her name, which may grow burdensome over her lifetime. Translated into Italian, her name becomes Stella. Voila! A gorgeous name with all the meaning and none of the baggage.

Noun names — in English — inch up more in acceptability every year. While some noun names are undoubtedly "hippie names," plenty have edged their way into popularity: floral names for girls, occupational names for boys, nature names for both. If you've got a favorite noun in mind, check out its translation in other languages. This can be a great way to infuse your heritage into your baby's name.

Baby names inspired by nouns from other languages

English speakers have been borrowing names from other languages for centuries. We surveyed languages from around the globe and found tons of familiar baby names you probably never knew took inspiration from foreign words.

Notice we haven't broken the names down into boy and girl names. While you will recognize many of them as belonging to one gender or the other, several fall into the unisex category. Noun names from other languages give you more license in deciding which words skew boy or girl. We threw in a few adjective names as well — they were too adorable to pass up!

  • Angelo: Italian, "the angel"
  • Ani: Tagalog, "the harvest"
  • Aria: Italian, "the air"
  • Arlo: Spanish, "the barberry"
  • Ayla: Turkish, "the halo"
  • Azra: Arabic, "the virgin"
  • Beau: French, "beautiful"
  • Bijoux: French, "jewelry"
  • Blanche: French, "white"
  • Calina: Spanish, "the haze"
  • Caprice: Italian, "the impulse"
  • Catena: Italian, "chain"
  • Deja: French, "already"
  • Dia: Spanish, "day"
  • Donna: Italian, "the lady"
  • Dylan: Welsh, "the sea"
  • Eda: Turkish, "the manner"
  • Esma: Turkish, "the name"
  • Estrella: Spanish, "the star"
  • Fleur: French, "the flower"
  • Gemma: Italian, "precious stone"
  • Gwen: Welsh, "white, fair"
  • Hana: Arabic, "happiness"
  • Inaya: Arabic, "care, concern"
  • Isla: Spanish, "island"
  • Jamal: Arabic, "beauty"
  • Jardin: French, "the garden"
  • Jolie: French, "pretty"
  • Khalil: Arabic, "friend"
  • Layla: Arabic, "night"
  • Luna: Italian, "the moon"
  • Luz: Spanish, "the light"
  • Malik: Arabic, "the king"
  • Mira: Spanish, "sight"
  • Nieve: Spanish, "snow"
  • Noel: French, "Christmas"
  • Paloma: Spanish, "pigeon"
  • Reina: Spanish, "the queen"
  • Rhys: Welsh, "enthusiasm"
  • Rio: Spanish, "the river"
  • Samara: Arabic,"protected"
  • Soleil: French, "the sun"
  • Tala: Tagalog, "the planet"
  • Tierra: Spanish, "the earth"
  • Ziya: Arabic, "the splendor"

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