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One Syllable Baby Names for Girls and Boys

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One-syllable baby names can be sweet like Jane or deliver a punch like Beck. It’s almost a guarantee that someone can’t create a shorter nickname out of your child’s one-syllable first name, but they can accessorize it by adding suffixes like “-ey” or “-ie.”

Baby boy sleepingOne-syllable names like Lee or John don’t have to be “filler.” There are plenty of one-syllable monikers that can stand alone as a first name, rather than being reserved for a middle name only.

Below is our list of the top 50 one-syllable baby names for boys and girls, along with their meanings.

The Benefits of a Short Baby Name

The advantage of choosing a baby name of one syllable is simplicity. One-syllable baby names are often best paired with multi-syllable last names. They make for a good balance with a complicated surname. It’s not necessary to feel like you might be limiting yourself with a name that’s only a few letters. There are plenty of opportunities to mix things up, perhaps by selecting an alternate spelling – Clare instead of Claire, Shaine instead of Shane, Maks instead of Max or Shawn instead of Sean.

When choosing a one-syllable baby name, keep in mind that some of these names are considered nicknames, so your child may have to deal with someone “correcting” the nickname and calling him or her by a longer name (e.g. Isabelle instead of Belle, Phineas instead of Finn, Abraham instead of Bram).

Top One Syllable Names for Girls & Boys

1. Anne – grace or favor
2. Belle – beautiful
3. Blake – dark or shining
4. Bree – the exalted one
5. Brett – from Britain
6. Brooke – a brook or stream
7. Chance – good fortune
8. Chase – huntsman
9. Claire – clear, bright, famous
10. Cole – dark one
11. Craig – cliff, rock
12. Dean – valley
13. Drew – man, warrior
14. Eve – life
15. Faith – confidence
16. Finn – fair
17. George – farmer
18. Grace – good will
19. Graham – grey house
20. Greer – watcher
21. Hope – hope
22. Jack – God is gracious
23. Jade – precious green stone
24. Jake – held up
25. James – he who supplants 
26. Jett – black
27. John – God is gracious
28. Kyle – a strait of water
29. Luke – bringer of light, morning
30. Max – the greatest
31. Miles – uncertain, perhaps peaceful
32. Neil – champion
33. Paige – page
34. Paul – small, humble
35. Quinn – wise 
36. Rae – ewe
37. Reese – enthusiasm
38. Rose – the flower, rose
39. Sage – wise
40. Scott – painted warrior
41. Sean – God is gracious
42. Seth – appointed
43. Shane – God is gracious
44. Shea – admirable
45. Skye – cloud
46. Slade – valley
47. Sloane – fighter
48. Tate – cheerful
49. Tess – harvester
50. Zane – godly light

For more baby name ideas, check out our list of short and sweet baby names for your girl or boy.

While in the past one-syllable names have often been reserved for boys, it’s obvious from the list of names above that many one-syllable baby names are gender neutral. Blake, Chance, Drew, Quinn and Sage are just a handful of names that can work for either a boy or a girl. But there are certainly plenty of very masculine or very feminine options as well. You can opt for something very elegant and ladylike for your little girl, or something strong and memorable for your son.

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