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Orthodox baby names for boys and girls

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In 2014, Orthodox Christmas falls on Jan. 7, and the Orthodox New Year is Jan. 14. In honor of these beautiful holidays, we've compiled a list of Orthodox baby names for boys and girls.

Orthodox baby names for girls

  • Abigail: "My father is joy"
  • Alice: "Truth"
  • Anastasia: "Of the resurrection"
  • Angela: "Of a messenger"
  • Anne: "Gracious"
  • Basilissa: "Royal"
  • Beatrice:  Blesses"
  • Bella: "Beautiful"
  • Catherine: "Pure"
  • Christina: "Believer"
  • Clementine: "Merciful"
  • Cyriaca: "Sunday's child"
  • Cyrilla: "Lady"
  • Danielle: "God is my judge"
  • Davina: "Beloved"
  • Elizabeth: "Oath of God"
  • Felicity: "Happy"
  • Gail: "My father is joy"
  • Glyceria: "Sweetness"
  • Gregoria: "Awakened"
  • Hilary: "Cheerful"
  • Jane: "God is gracious"
  • Joan: "God is gracious"
  • Lillian: "Lily"
  • Lucy: "Light"
  • Natalia: "Birth day"
  • Patricia: "Noble"
  • Sarah: "Princess"
  • Thecla: "Of divine fame"
  • Tryphena: "Delicate"
  • Veronica: "True image"
  • Wilhelmina: "Resolute protector"

Orthodox baby names for boys

  • Abraham: "Exalted father"
  • Anastasius: "Of the resurrection"
  • Angel: "Angel"
  • Basil: "Kingly"
  • Bele: "Handsome"
  • Boniface: "Of good faith"
  • Christian: "Christian"
  • Clement: "Merciful"
  • Cyril: "Lord"
  • Daniel: "God is my judge"
  • David: "Beloved"
  • Eli: "On high"
  • Elijah: "The Lord is my God"
  • Felix: "Lucky"
  • Foster: "Keeper of the preserve"
  • Gale: "My father is joy"
  • Gregory: "Vigilant"
  • Ignatius: "Fiery"
  • John: "God is gracious"
  • Kenneth: "Handsome"
  • Lazarus: "God has helped"
  • Luke: "Light"
  • Maximilian: "Great"
  • Myron: "Fragrant"
  • Nahum: "Comforter"
  • Patrick: "Noble"
  • Paul: "Small"
  • Simon: "The hearing"
  • Uriel: "Flame of God"
  • Valentine: "Strong"
  • William: "Resolute protector"


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