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Outlaw names for baby boys

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Gunslingers. Bootleggers. Bank robbers. While definitely not the life you'd choose for your son, we think you should give their names a try.

Wild West outlaw baby names for boys

We love the names, but make no mistake — these guys were awful. We listed their crimes to help you make an informed decision on your wee cowboy's name.

  • Burton Alvord: lawman turned outlaw; train robbery
  • Charles Earl Bowles: gentleman bandit known as Black Bart
  • Clay Allison: notorious gunfighter
  • Cornelius Donahue: horse thief
  • David Lawrence Anderson: outlaw better known as Billy Wilson
  • Emmett Dalton: train robber and member of the Dalton Gang
  • George Newcomb: founder of the Wild Bunch gang
  • Harry Newton Brown: lawman turned outlaw
  • Harvey Alexander Logan: gunman in Butch Cassidy's gang
  • Henry Starr: horse thief and train robber
  • Ike Clanton: member of outlaw gang The Cowboys
  • Jefferson Randolph Smith II: con artist known as Soapy Smith
  • Jesse James: legendary outlaw of the Wild West
  • Joaquin: for outlaw gang The Five Joaquins
  • Jules Beni: stagecoach robber
  • Nathaniel Reed: bank and train robber better known as Texas Jack
  • Richard H. Barter: stagecoach robber better known as Rattlesnake Dick
  • Robert Newton Ford: outlaw best known for killing Jesse James
  • Rube Burrow: one of the most hunted train robbers in the 1880s
  • Rufus Henry Ingram: bushwhacker
  • Sam Bass: train robber
  • Sandy King: member of outlaw gang The Cowboys
  • Scott Cooley: Texas Ranger and outlaw
  • Simeon Reno: part of the Reno Gang, with brothers Frank and John
  • William K. Brooks: the notorious Buffalo Bill

Depression-era outlaw baby names for boys

Prohibition and poverty sparked a decades-long crime spree in the U.S. during the early 20th century, and these were the guys behind it. Probably no one will end up calling your son "Mad Dog," at least.

  • Alva-Dewey Hunt: bank robber and gang leader
  • Arthur Barker: part of Ma Barker's gang
  • Aussie Elliott: bank robber
  • Basil Banghart: kidnapper known as The Owl
  • Clarence Lieder: underworld mechanic
  • Clyde Barrow: of Bonnie and Clyde
  • Edward J. Adams: bootlegger
  • Ford Bradshaw: bank robber
  • Gerald Chapman: robber known as the Count of Gramercy Park
  • Herman Lamm: bank robber known as Baron Lamm
  • Jake Fleagle: convicted with the first use of fingerprint matching
  • John Dilinger: best-known outlaw of the 20th century
  • Lawrence De Vol: bank robber
  • Mickey Duffy: mobster
  • Otto Wood: bootlegger
  • Russell Gibson: bank robber known as Slim Gray
  • Tommy Carroll: member of the John Dillinger gang
  • Vernon C. Miller: bootlegger and bank robber
  • Volney Davis: bandit
  • Wilbur Underhill, Jr.: bank robber known as Mad Dog

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