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Patriotic American Baby Names

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Whether your baby is due to share a birthday with our great country, or you just want to show that you are proud to be an American, giving your bun in the oven a patriotic baby name can hold a wealth of meaning. From presidential names to names honoring everything our country stands for, you are sure to find yourself feeling patriotic with these baby names inspired by the 4th of July.

Patriotic babySymbolic Baby Names

Independence Day marks the birth of the United States of America, so why not choose a name that shares the same sentiment to celebrate your little Yankee Doodle baby’s summer due date? Julian and Julia mean July, the month of the country’s birthday celebration. Ruby is July’s birthstone and also works as a cute label for your little sweetheart.

America Ferrera of Ugly Betty fame has brought this patriotic name into the spotlight, while Apple is as American as Apple Pie, thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow and hubby Chris Martin. Honor is the name given to Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s little girl, and Arlyn and John Phoenix gave their sweet girl the moniker Liberty.

Other names that would tip your top hat to the U.S. include Sam, after Uncle Sam, Belle, in honor of the Liberty Bell, Glory, or Gloria for parents who want to be more traditional, or Star to pay tribute to the grand ol’ flag. Looking for a name with a little more edge? Try out names like Freedom, Justice, Bravery, or Patriot that will have your tot standing out from the crowd.

Presidential Names

Naming your baby-to-be after one of the country’s present or former leaders may not guarantee your little one a future spot in the White House, but honoring the country’s presidents works for both boy and girls alike.  Presidential moniker George pays tribute to the nation’s first president, while both Abraham and Lincoln work as labels, too. You shouldn’t be surprised to run into a John or two, a name honoring former presidents Tyler and Kennedy, in addition to Andrew and Jackson are familiar chart-toppers. Other names that may point your baby boy towards the White House include Benjamin (Harrison), Carter (Jimmy), Tyler (John), Grant (Ulysses), Harrison (William), Arthur (Chester), Walker (George H.W. Bush, George Walker Bush), and both Zachary and Taylor.

Try out these former president’s names for your little princess, including Madison (James), Reagan (Ronald), Kennedy (John), and McKinley (William), and her next stop may be Washington D.C. 

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Names of First Ladies

If you’re looking for a more traditional name for your little girl, but still want to pick a patriotic name, consider the names of the first ladies who stood by the United States’ presidents, such as Abigail (Adams, Fillmore), Bess (Elizabeth Truman), Elizabeth (Monroe, Truman, Ford), Grace (Coolidge), Hanna (van Buren), Hillary (Clinton), Ida (McKinley), Jacqueline (Kennedy). Keep your eye on the name Michelle which may start climbing the charts again, thanks to Michelle Obama’s seat next to the current President.

Whether you choose a traditional name or a unique name, patriotic baby names can be a fun way to show your pride in your country and your little guy or gal. And, remember that patriotic names are not only reserved for surnames; putting a patriotic name as your newborn’s middle name still packs the same amount of patriotism!

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