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Perfect for summer: Sweet, fruity baby names

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow called her daughter Apple, the concept of naming children after things has become extraordinarily trendy. For this particular list, we're following Gwyneth's lead and considering the other sweet, summer fruits that would make adorable baby names. Bite into one of these scrumptious favorites:

20 Fruity Baby Names

Anjou:  This pear provides a French sophistication that will make your friends wish they'd thought of it first.

Berry:  There are so many varieties of berries, and so many spelling options for this fruity name. Consider Berrie, Beary, Bari, or the traditional Barry.

Cerese:  This is the French word for Cherry, which itself is a potential name for a girl.

Clementine:  Oh my darlin', we're loving this citrusy name.

Damson:  This type of plum has a decidedly masculine feel to it.

Date:  This fruit comes from the date palm tree.

Fig:  Just please refrain from using Newton as a middle name.

Guava:  A kind of berry fruit that makes an exotic name.

Honeydew:  Honey, of course, would be the nickname.

Huckleberry:  This boy's name has been around for a long time.

Hudson:  Have you ever enjoyed a dark Hudson cherry?

Jackfruit:  The jackfruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh.

Lychee:  This Chinese fruit, which is quite rare, is sought for jams and preserves.

Mirabelle:  Who knew there was a plum called Mirabelle?

Olive:  In recent years, Olive has become more popular than Olivia.

Persimmon:  A lovely name for a delightful little fruit.

Physalis:  This acidic fruit is quite like the tomato.

Pomona:  Since Pomegranate seems too "out there," why not consider this Latin word for apple?

Quince:  This fruit bears a yellow color.

Victoria:  Is the plum named after the girl, or is the girl named after the plum?

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