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Persian Baby Names and Meanings

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Persian (or Iranian) baby names are those given to boys and girls born of Iranian parents or others who love and admire the language and culture of Iran. Persian is the language spoken in Iran and other countries and is the origin of many Persian names in use in those countries today. Come check out our Persian baby names for boys and girls as well as their meanings!

Baby feetAs most Persian names are derived from the Persian language, there are some that are Arabic or Turkish in origin as well. Still other names come from the names of legendary or historical figures and even more come from simple vocabulary words. The roots of the language itself date back to approximately 1500 BCE so it has a long and interesting history. Modern Iranian parents often choose names that come from their own language but do borrow and use names from others as well. Many names come from a large poetic opus called Shahnameh which was written by a Persian poet named Ferdowsi around 1000. It is considered the national epic of Iran.

It is also interesting to note that names that start with the letter "a" are not always capitalized (as well as capital "A" appearing in the middle of the name) as there is a difference in pronounciation between the two, with a small "a" sounding like the "a" in ant and the capital "A" sounding like the "a" in father.

Persian Boy Baby Names

Abtin: This is the name of a character in Shahnameh (Fereidoun's father)

amir: This name means "king, emir"

Arash: This is a hero in Persian folklore

Aryo: This is the name of an Iranian hero who fought Alexander the Great (Aryo Barzan)

BehnAm: This name means "reputable"

DAriush/Daryush: This was the name of a Persian king

Farbod: This name means "right, orthodox"

Foroud/Forood: This is the name of a character in Shahnameh

Goudarz: This is another character in Shahnameh 

HAmi: This name means "protector, defender"

JAveed: This name means "living forever"

KiAn/KiyAn: Meaning "the kings," this was the surname of the 2nd dynasty of the Persian kings

NAmdAr: This name means "famous"

NimA: This name means "small"

Omid/Omeed: This name means "hope"

PAshA: This is a Turkish name and it means "lord"

Sanjar: This name means "prince, emperor, king"

Soroush/Sorush: This name means "messenger angel"

Touraj/Tooraj: This is the name of a character in Shahnameh

Persian Girl Baby Names

Afareen: This name means "praise" or "to create"

akhtar: This is the name of a flower

ArA: This means "ornament, decoration"

Azar: This name means "fire" and is also the 9th month of the Iranian calendar

BeetA/BitA: This name means "unique"

Behbod: This name means "guardian of goodness"

DaryA: This name means "sea"

Dorri: This name means "a sparkling star"

Farideh: This name means "unique, precious"

GhazAl: This name means "gazelle"

KatAyoun: This is the name of a female character in Shahnameh

Kiana: This name means "elements of nature"

MAhdokht: This name means "daughter of the moon"

Mahvash: This name means "moon-like, a beauty"

Mehry: This name means "sun" or "affectionate, kind"

Paree/Pari: This name means "fairy"

RAmesh: This name means "rest, cheerfulness"

RoxAnA/RoksAnA: This name means "light" and is also the name of an Iranian princess

SAnAz: This name means "a flower"

SetAreh: This name means "star"

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