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Baby Names Inspired by Thanksgiving

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There is much to be grateful for on Thanksgiving… especially when there's a new baby on the way! To pay tribute to this very special time of the year, take your baby name inspirataion from the heartwarming story of the brave Pilgrims.

Londonthe city from which many fled in pursuit of religious freedom.
James, the man who was King of England at the time

Holland, the country to which the Pilgrims first migrated from England
Leyden (also spelled Leiden), the name of their Holland settlement

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William, as in Brewster and Bradford: learned tradesmen in the Leyden settlement
Bradford, use the surname for a boy’s first name

The Virginia Merchants helped the Pilgrims arrange their voyage west.

Check out these historical baby names and meanings

Mayflower, the historical ship on which the Pilgrims journeyed to America

Stephen and Elizabeth Hopkins had a son en route to America. They named him Oceanus, in honor of his birthplace.

Humility, baby daughter of Robert Cooper

Burton, Mr. William Burton died and was buried at sea

Province, in honor of Provincetown, Mass., where the Mayflower set anchor for five months before the passengers could go ashore

Early American baby names dating back to the 1600s

Myles Standish, an Englishman who believed in the Pilgrim's cause and remained with them as an explorer, interpreter, physician and more, married to Rose

Jasper More, along with Edward Thompson, died on the Mayflower while Myles Standish scouted the land

John Carver, the settlement's first governor

Native American baby names combine beauty and culture

Peregrine, for a boy: Peregrine was the first Caucasian child born in New England. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. William White.

Cole, for a boy: During their first winter in America, nearly one-half of the Pilgrim population died, laid to rest on Cole's Hill.

Edward Winslow, took gifts to Chief Massasoit at Watson's Hill

Who is your favorite historical figure from the first Thanksgiving?

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