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Politically correct baby names

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

In a day and age when everything must be politically correct, we choose our baby names carefully, too. So many have an opinion about which names are right, wrong or "correct." Speculation abounds when well-known expectant parents announce their happy news. We've rounded up names that should fit the bill as "politically correct."

In a study conducted by University of Chicago political scientists, California Democratic and Republican parents demonstrated polarity even in the baby names they selected for their offspring. According to the paper's lead author, Eric Oliver, the left and right names were markedly different.

According to Oliver's findings, liberals frequently opted for feminine-sounding names with L sounds and soft As, citing Liam and Sophia as examples. Conservatives, on the other hand, chose names with harder sounds like K or T.

Beyond that, liberals with college degrees gave their babies uncommon names, while right wingers stuck with more traditional monikers.

Think about the baby name considerations of someone like Chelsea Clinton (who recently welcomed daughter Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky). The name selected for "America's Royal Baby" has been deemed perfect. Charlotte, which dates back to the 1700s and is among the most popular names in the nation, means "Freedom."

Baby names for boys

Chelsea's dad William Jefferson Clinton, of course, was the president of the U.S., and any one of his three names would have been suitable for a baby boy.

Presidential boy names certainly fit the bill here. Chelsea might have considered giving a son the most common first name among presidents: James. Or she might have opted for one of many other traditional male monikers: George, Andrew, John or Franklin.

Then again, the presidential influence might have been better represented by surnames. Perhaps Chelsea would have considered her maiden name, Clinton, or something like Monroe, Quincy, Harrison, or Carter.

Baby names for girls

Had she not settled on Charlotte, Chelsea could have chosen a beautiful first lady. Eleanor, as in Roosevelt, was the longest-serving first lady. Jacqueline was the most glamorous, Rosalynn the most down-to-earth and Michelle the most physically fit. And while some first ladies were named Sarah, so is a certain Republican politico from Alaska.

Other standout first lady names include Margaret, Elizabeth and Abigail, but Chelsea could have also gone with something less classic. Presidential surnames are just as great for girls as for boys: Madison, Kennedy and McKinley.

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