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Popular Baby Name Trend: Flower Baby Names

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Imagine a crocus nudging through the snow, a dewy rosebud, or the heady aroma of an apple blossom. Buds, blossoms and flowers bring new beginnings, and naming a baby after a flower seems almost natural (no pun intended) so it is not surprising that is the hottest baby name trend. Here’s an alphabetical look at flower baby names for your baby boy or baby girl.

Floral baby namesWhy not name your baby after your favorite beautiful flower? Be inspired by our list of girl baby name ideas.

Floral Baby Girl Names

Alyssum – tender carpet plant with fragrant blossoms; Alyssa, Allyson
Amarantha – tropical flower with bold leaves and flowers; Amaryllis
Anemone – poppy-like flowers with lacy foliage; Anne, Annie, Mona
April – month of tulips, daffodils and other spring delights

Belleflower – deep-purple flowers with heart-shaped leaves; Belle
(Black Eyed) Susan – golden flower resembling a daisy; acronym nickname – Bess
Blossom – represents newness; use Bud for a boy
Bluebell – lavender bell-shaped flowers; Belle

Calla – beloved lily often found in wedding bouquets; Kelly
Camellia – hardy, flowering shrub; Camille
Chloris – mythological goddess of flowers
Coral Bell – scalloped evergreen leaves with thin stalks of flowers; Cora Belle
Chrysanthemum – if this is too much of a mouthful, try Chrysantha, Crisantha, or Chris

Dahlia – gorgeous garden plant famous in the Netherlands
Daisy – “He loves me, he loves me not.”
Danica – Royal Copenhagen “Flowers of Denmark” pattern; Dana
Dianthus – colorful ground cover with bright blooms; Diane, Diana

Erica – Latin for heather

Fern – evergreen shade plant; Fern Leaf
Fleur – French for flower
Flora – Roman mythology’s goddess of flowers; Fauna is the animal version

Ginger – plant used for spice and medicine
Gladiola – tall majestic summer plant; Gladys
Hazel – of the hazelnut tree 
Heather – perennial shrub with purple flowers
Helenium – daisy-like flower; Helen

Holly – fruit-bearing shrub
Hyacinth – beautiful, early spring bloomer; Cynthia
Iris – showy flower found in a rainbow of colors; Irene
Ivy – well-known green climber
Jasmine – plant used in perfume and tea; Yasmin
Kerria – Japanese yellow rose; Kerry
Lantana – tropical perennial also known as verbena; Lana, Tanya
Leilani – Hawaiian lei
Liatris – ornamental plants with showy blooms; Lia, Trish
Lilac – the most fragrant of flowers; Lila
Lily – pure, white Easter flower; Lilly
Lomasi – Native American for flower
Lynae – Scandanavian for small blue flower; Lynne
Marigold – popular yellow or orange annual; Mari, Mary
Meadow Rue – herbaceous flowering plant
Meadowsweet – also known as Lady of the Meadow
Morning Glory – gorgeous flower lasting just one morning
Myrtle – creeping ground cover
Pachysandra – fast-growing, leafy ground cover; Sandra, Sandy
Padma – Sanskrit for Lotus; Patty
Passion Flower – flowering vine yielding passion fruit
Perah – Israeli for flower; Peri
Petunia – well-known summer annual; Petula
Philantha – lover of flowers; Phyllis
Poppy – bright red patriotic symbol
Rhoda – Greek for rose
Rose – queen of all flowers; Rosa, Rosalind, Rosanne, Rosemary (Rosario for a boy)
(Rose of) Sharon – gorgeous tree-like shrub boasting long-lasting flowers
Rudbeckia – coneflower; Becky (Rudy for a boy)
Shasta – large daisy
Silver Lace – vine of white, lacy flowers; Sylvia
Sweet Pea – annual climbing plant in with elegant flowers
Tulip – spring bulb plant made famous in Holland
Valerian – flowering plant with fern-like leaves; Valerie
Viola – border plant that’s smaller than a pansy but larger than a violet
Violet – tiny, dark purple flower; Violetta
Zahra – Egyptian for flower; Zahara, Sarah

Floral Boy Baby Names

Floral names are not just for baby girls. These monikers pay tribute to your flower passion in a masculine way. Check out our list of boy baby name ideas:
Anthos – Greek for flower; Anthony, Antoine
Aster – strong, low-lying border flower
Azhar – Arabic for flower; Zhar
Berry – strawberry, blackberry, raspberry; Barry
Bud – male version of Blossom; Buddy
Clematis – climbing vine of brilliant flowers; Clem
Clove – piece of garlic or lucky leaf; Clover
Coreopsis – long-lasting, cheery perennial; Corey, Cory
Dutch (Iris) – charming name for a boy
Fiorello – Italian for little flower
Florent – French term for flowers
Forest – the old-fashioned spelling of this man’s name is Forrest
Jacob(‘s Ladder) – blue, bell-shaped climbers
Jared – Biblical word for rose; Jarrod
Jonquil – hardy, spring-flowering bulb; Jon, John, Quill
Lupine – dense foliage with stately flower spikes; Lupe
Moss – soft, plush ground covering found in shady areas
Sage – medicinal plant in the mint family
Shatrevar – Persian for flower; Trevor
(Sweet) William – symbolizes gallantry in the Victorian language of flowers
Vinca – spreading plant, like periwinkle; Vince
Xeni – protector of plants and flowers

There are countless more floral names from which to draw a child’s name. Can you find inspiration in these?

Astilbe, Astrantia, Azalea, Begonia, Daffodil, Delphinium, Dianthus, Foxglove, Forsythia, Freesia, Gaillardia, Gardenia, Geranium, Honeysuckle, Hosta, Hydrangea, Juniper, Larkspur, Lavender, Linea, Lobelia, Lotus, Orchid, Pansy, Peony, Phlox, Primrose, Sedum, Saffron, Snowdrop, Tradescantia, Trillium, Verbena, Wisteria, Zinnia

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written by Karen, March 04, 2009
Love the girl names - especially Lilly and Violet. Only a few of the names for boys would be considered - Forest and Jacob.

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