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Preppy Baby Names: Classic and Refined

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If you’re looking for a classic or preppy baby name, consider all aspects of the “preppy” lifestyle including tradition, sports, geography, schools and style, to name a few.  The word “preppy” can  be associated with everything from prestigious private schools to distinct accents, to familiar fashion,  including oxford shirts and argyle sweaters.

Preppy baby in a cute hatWhile some of these preppy names have fallen off the popular name lists and may only be seen and heard in movies and books, others may date back to “old money” or may carry on a family name from generations past.

Preppy Names by Location

 You may associate preppy with a higher class or desireable location. Specific geographic areas in the U.S. have been deemed “preppy” include: New England states, the Upper East Side of New York City, as well as parts of Connecticut including Westport, Greenwich,  and New Canaan, as well as Lake Forest, Illinois; Newport Rhode Island; Charlottesville, Virginia; Baltimore and Annapolis,  Maryland, Hilton Head, South Carolina, Buckhead/Atlanta, Georgia, and Massachusetts, among others.

For example, some of the top baby names in preppy Connecticut include:
Michael, Ryan, Matthew, Alexander, Jacob, Christopher, William, Anthony, Nicholas and Andrew round out the top 10 most popular names in CT in 2008. 

For girls, Isabella, Oliva, Ava, Emily, Emma, Madison, Sophia, Abigail, Julia, and Grace take the top spots.

More popular preppy names in the area to include:

Boys: Biff, Chip, Davis, Graham, Preston, Spencer, Stuart, and Tad.

Girls:  Arabella, Binky, Blair, Buffy, Caroline, Charlotte, Courtney, Hayley, Lindsey and Martha.

For more ideas, check out the top baby names in each state here.

Preppy Sports Names

If you’re thinking preppy sports – thing skiing, tennis, sailing, lacrosse, polo, rugby, water polo, and fencing, among others.  Popular names associated with these sports that you may consider for a preppie baby name include:

Preppy polo name ideas including: Lester, Harold, Carlton, Roy, Norman, George, Elmer, Bart and Elbridge to name a few.

Tennis players include: Nikolay, Roger, Lleyton, Rafael, Marat, Pete and Andy. For girls,  Elena, Anna, Maria, Serena, Lindsay, and Amelie.
The U.S. rugby team roster includes names like – Leighton, Alexander, Jamison, Rafael, Evan, Nathan and Erik. For girls, Veronica, Alina, Tosan, Kristin, Kara, Valerie, Jaclyn, Kerri, Leanne and Jill. 

Check out our list of the top 50 sports baby names here!

Stylish Preppy Names

The preppy image is not complete without designer labels such as Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Lilly Pulitzer, J Crew, and Lacoste to name a few.

Stylist preppy names that remain popular for girls include: Charlotte, Elizabeth, Catherine, McKenzie and Stacey, among others. For boys, Easton, Branson and Malcolm, come up frequently on preppy lists.

A quick search on sites like BabyHold pull up preppy boy names like:
Fitz, Ames, Earnes, Bates, Jaymes, Niles, Oakes, Hayes, Yates, and others. Check out more preppy baby name ideas here!

Get Schooled in Preppy Baby Names

Prestigiuos private schools have long rosters of preppy named kids who attend classes in all parts of the country.  Research your favorite schools and look to see who buildings and scholarships are named for, or take a look at the names listed on their faculty webpage to help give you more ideas on preppy baby names.

Ivy League colleges include Brown, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth,Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania. 

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