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Princess baby names

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From names of princesses to names with princess in meaning, we'll help you find the moniker that will fit your little girl like a sparkly tiara.

Names of Princesses
Some of the most popular girls of royalty from around the world donned the names of Diana, Grace, Sarah, Caroline, Anne and Elizabeth. However, princess names aren't simply picked from a hat. Often times princess baby names are picked straight from the royal family tree, like some of these names of princesses from around the world:

Belgium - Elisabeth, Eléonore, Laetitia, Mathilde
Denmark - Ingrid, Isabella, Joanna, Mary
Great Britain - Louise
Greece - Amelia, Ana Maria, Arietta,
Japan - Aiko
Morocco - Laila
Netherlands - Alexia, Anastasia, Ariane, Catharina, Eloise, Felicia
Norway - Emma,  Ingrid, Leah
Spain - Irene, Leonor, Sofia, Victoria

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Disney Princesses
Whether you're a lover of Disney movies or just feel that these princesses are the epitome of royal representation, tipping your hat to Disney princesses may help you find the namesake you're looking for. The Little Mermaid's Ariel, Sleeping Beauty's Aurora, or the more recent Giselle from Enchanted may make the perfect moniker for your little princess. Or, try Jasmine from Aladdin or Tiana from The Princess and the Frog on for size when seeking the perfect baby name. For the ultimate fans of Disney films, you can always opt for monikers with a true fairy tale feel with baby names such as Cinderella, Snow or even Belle.

Names of animated princesses
The Disney franchise isn't the only ones who've turned out princesses fit for film --you're your bundle of joy. Animated princess such as Fiona from Schrek, The Swan Princess's Odette, and even Zelda, the princess from The Legend of Zelda may be the baby name inspiration you seek.

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Names that mean princess
Names with royal meanings can have the air you're looking for when it comes to giving your bundle of joy a baby name fit for a princess. Labels like Amira, Sadie, Sara, Sarina, Zaira or Zara are all baby  names with princess in the meaning, and most definitely fit for a princess.

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any really pretty baby girl names or cute boys names?

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