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Top Puerto Rican Baby Names and Meanings

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Puerto Rico, “The Island of Enchantment,” is a self-governing territory of the US and home to many Hispanics – persons of Latin American descent living in the US. Puerto Rican names blend a variety of rich cultures, including Spanish, Mexican and Cuban, with early cultures such as Latin, Greek and Hebrew. Check out this list of popular Puerto Rican baby names and and meanings.

Our list of top Puerto Rican baby names is sure to help you narrow down your search for the perfect name for your baby boy or baby girl.

Puerto Rican Boy Names:

Alfredo: English, elf counsel

Andres: Greek, warrior

Armando: Germanic, army man

Benigno, Latin, blessed

Bernado: Germanic, brave

Braulio: German, shining

Carlos: Spanish, free man

Christian: Latin, follower of Christ

Cordero: Spanish, lamb

Cruz: Spanish, cross

Emilio: Latin, rival

Estefan: Spanish, crowned in victory

Ezequiel, Hebrew, God’s strength

Jorge: Spanish, farmer

Jose: Spanish, may God increase 

Julio: Latin, down-bearded youth

Marcos: Spanish form of Mark, dedicated to Mars

Miguel: Hebrew, Who is like God?

Omar: Arabic, flourishing

Osvaldo: Old English, God rule

Pablo: Latin, small

Raleigh: English, from the deer meadow

Roberto: Spanish form of Robert, bright fame

Vincent: Latin, prevailing

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Puerto Rican Girl Names

Adelaida: German, noble

Annalisse: Hebrew, my God is an oath

Asianah: Greek, rising sun

Asuncion: Spanish, ascension

Brandeye: Dutch, distilled wine

Carleigha: Italian, little and strong

Casandra: Spanish, unheeded prophetess

Celestina: Latin, heavenly

Coraly: Greek, maiden

Dayanara: Greek, husband slayer

Emily: Latin, industrious

Estefania: Spanish, Feminine of Stephan

Eva: Spanish, Eve in spanish

Evita: Spanish, life

Genevalisse: French, juniper tree

Janisa: Hebrew, God is gracious

Jesenia: French, Jasmine

Karelma: Old German, free

Keiyanai: American, ancient

Luisa: German, fame

Maria: Hebrew, sea of sorrow

Maritza: Hebrew, bitter

Mallorie: Portuguese, unlucky

Marisol: Spanish, our lady of solitude

Maritza: Latin, star of the sea

Mayra-Liz: Latin, myrrh

Xiomarys: German, famous in battle

Yamileth: Arabic, beautiful

Yara: Brazilian, water lady

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