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Quiz: What's Your Baby Naming Style?

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Our fun and easy baby name quiz will help you quickly narrow down your list of baby girl names and boy names.Choosing a baby name be so much fun, but a little challenging, too. There are countless names from which to choose, but you can narrow your search by determining your baby naming personality. Are you aiming for a name that’s unique? Exotic name? Popular name? These baby name quiz will help you figure it out!

Laughing baby sitting up1. To relax, you:

a) snuggle in with your hubby to watch a movie.

b)  call up your besties for some girl time.

c)  visit Nordstrom for some new accessories.


2. Your favorite time of day is:

a)     sunset – it’s so romantic.

b)     meal time with family or friends.

c)     after dark when anything can happen.


3. When you leave the house you wear:

a)     your signature perfume.

b)     the latest hairstyle and a pair of UGGs.

c)     a bracelet of Tibetan prayer beads.


4. To commemorate a special event you:

a) preserve everything in a scrapbook.

b)  throw a giant party for all of your friends..  

c)  take a cruise.


5. If you could do any job, you’d:

a)  write a novel.

b)  have your own talk show

c)  belly dance.


6. Your ultimate travel destination is:

a)  Paris.

b)  your next family or class reunion.

d)  Galapagos Islands.


7. The best dog for you is a:

a)  Dachshund.

b)  Golden Retriever.

c)  Hungarian Vizsla.


8. When you first found out you were pregnant, you:

a)  didn’t tell anyone until the second trimester.

b)  shared the news on your Facebook page.

c)  told your yogi and meditated.


9. Your baby’s nursery décor includes:

a)  handmade artwork and bedding.

b)  lots of photos.

c)  safari-themed wallpaper.


10. You hope that one day your child will:

a)  be just like Daddy.

b)  have tons of friends.

c)  travel the world.


Baby Name Quiz Scoring

 Mostly As: UNIQUE

You are special, and the last place you’ll look for a baby name is the current “Most Popular” list. Your little one is unique and special like you and his/her name should reflect that. Your kid won’t be one of a dozen Emilys on the block. Create your own name, reverse a name (Nevaeh instead of Heaven) or make it unique with an unusual spelling (Eric would become Eryk).

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Mostly Bs: POPULAR

You have a lot of friends. You want your child to fit right in too, and having a common, popular name is a good start. Check out the annual Social Security Administration’s Most Popular Baby Names list to find a name for your little social butterfly. Boy names topping the charts last year included Jacob, Ethan, Michael and Alexander. The most popular girl names were Isabella, Emma, Olivia, Sophia and Ava.  


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Mostly Cs: EXOTIC

You’re not ordinary, so why would you give your baby an run-of-the-mill name? Your child needs a name that is striking, unusual and completely out of the ordinary. You want to look for names from abroad and names that are colorful, striking, glamorous and maybe even a little bizarre. Jovana, Dafina and Kenyatta are exotic girl names, while exotic boy names include Aamir, Dragan and Einar.

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