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Quiz: What Should You Name Your Baby?

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Having trouble deciding on a baby name? The options are mind-boggling:  honor a beloved family member or friend; celebrate your heritage and ancestry; or pay tribute to a favorite character from a book or movie? Should you choose a name that will stand out or blend in? Why not take a clue from your own personality? Complete this quiz to find out if your style is classic, trendy or funky and get some ideas for baby names that fit it.

One of the first and most momentous decisions you'll make as a parent is what to name your baby. After all, her name will forever shape her sense of self, and to an extent, how people react to her. But hey, no pressure. Take our baby name quiz to help you find a name that matches your personality.

1. In your spare time you like to:

a) Try out new recipes, shop or get together with friends
b) Hit the night clubs
c) Drink wine and have long, philosophical discussions with your cats
d) Produce documentaries about remote African countries or build orphanages there, with paparazzi in tow, of course.

2. In high school, you were:

a) A cheerleader and dated the quarterback of the football team
b) Captain of the girls volleyball team
c) President of the chess club
d) Star of the drama club.

3. Your favorite subject in high school:

a) English
b) History
c) Art
d) Detention.

4. Your marital status:

a) Married to someone of the opposite sex
b) In a long-term committed relationship
c) Between partners at the moment
d) In a high-profile, living-together relationship that you and your significant other fully intend to make legal as soon as both your divorces from previous spouses become final.

5. Your favorite movie:

a) Sleepless in Seattle or some other chick flick, preferably starring Meg Ryan
b) The Godfather or some other mob movie, preferably starring Robert DeNiro
c) Some obscure foreign film
d) Your own homemade porno starring—you!

6. Your favorite book:

a) Gone With the Wind
b) Whatever is number-one on the New York Times Fiction Best Sellers List
c) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
d) I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

7. When he or she is an adult, you hope your baby will be:

a) A doctor, dentist or lawyer
b) A writer, artist or teacher
c) A famous athlete
d) A jet-setting celebrity notorious for offending the Vatican and adopting Third World babies.


Mostly As: CLASSIC
You’re well-balanced with traditional tastes and values. Your child will grow up in a stable, happy home surrounded by loving family. Consider names associated with being popular, fun and attractive so no one will ever mistake your kid for some left-wing, artsy-fartsy, tree-hugging liberal. For a boy, think Robert, Michael, James, Peter or Lawrence. For a girl, consider Elizabeth, Emily, Sarah, Courtney or the ever-popular Jennifer.

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Mostly Bs: TRENDY
You’re well-read, knowledgeable, stylish and up-to-date and chances are, your kid will be, too. Think traditional but contemporary or something with an ethnic flavor. For a boy, how about Curtis, Dana, Jared, Dustin, Paco or Hugo? For a girl, consider Evita, Brynna, Monique or Stevie. Or give a traditional name a new twist with an alternative spelling, like Sharyn, Jaisyn, Addyson or Olyvia.  

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Mostly Cs: FUNKY
You’re creative and a little edgy, open to something bolder than usual and likely to find a name that stands out, even if the first grade teacher can’t pronounce it without a phonetic guide. The possibilities are endless: you can pay tribute to a favorite place, cocktail or president or even commemorate where the baby was conceived. Think how proud little Abiola, Shiraz, Obama, Jezebel, Dinette, Phineas, Daytona, Cosmo, Dakota, Bacardi or Curaçao will be when he or she gets out of school and the teasing finally stops.

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You’re a legend in your own mind: over-the-top fabulous; and your child deserves nothing less than something spectacularly unique to remind everyone how special he or she is. Make it up and make it stand out! Of course, you’ll come up with something completely original -- but just to get the creative juices flowing, think along the lines of Seven, Elepheteria, Cafeteria, Unagi, Keegsquaw, Conundrum, Ebola, Edamame, Fluenza or Zorion. And the best part is, with a gender-neutral designer moniker, if your pampered little darling grows up to be transsexual, he/she won’t even have to change names.

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written by Kim Grundy, June 23, 2009
This quiz was so fun! I scored Trendy baby names -- and I do like the suggestions -- Brynna is cute for a girl! Trendy boy suggestions could be Edward (Twilight), Kingston & Ashton.
written by Meaghan, June 24, 2009
I scored Classic...but I don't want my child to have a classic name.
written by Sami Loffer, June 29, 2009
I also scored Classic, it might be because of my conservative personality but my Children will have very non traditional very unique names.

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