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ROY-G-BIV: Rainbow-inspired baby names

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

Have you ever been drawn to a certain just because of its name? Amid an overload of options, the right name can make choosing the perfect hue (of paint, lipstick, hair color, bed linens) so much easier. Take inspiration from this when deciding on a baby name... we will get you started with these colorful suggestions:


The attention-grabbing red is one of the more intense colors of the spectrum. This primary color calls to mind love, fire and even danger. Consider one of these red-inspired names for your little one:

Famous bearers:  Red Skelton, Pink 


Next in line is orange. The brilliance of this color makes it a popular choice for safety apparel and equipment. Orange can range from almost red to almost yellow (and everything in between). Will one of these bright colors suit your colorful baby-to-be?

Famous bearers:  Tawny Kitaen, Peaches Geldof 


Anticipating a child with a cheery disposition? A happy name inspired by the color yellow may be the perfect fit:

Famous bearers:  Golda Meir, Honey Boo-Boo 


Green results when primary colors blue and yellow are combined. The positive traits of this range of colors are represented by growth and prosperity. Green-inspired names are just right for nature lovers:

Famous bearers:  Forrest Whitaker, Holly Hunter 


Blue is not just for boys. The serene color palette presents a range of shades that work for both sexes, as shown here:

Famous bearers:  River Phoenix, Blue Ivy Carter 


When you mix red and blue, the result is violet (purple, to the lay person). Representing regality and royalty, a purple name may be just right for your little prince or princess.

Famous bearers:  Prince, Violet Affleck

Get creative when thinking about color names. Pick your favorite sports team (Carolina or Dodger blue, Texas or Tennessee orange). Imagine the gorgeous shade of your favorite flower (Lily white, Rose red) or your mate's breathtaking eyes (Hazel, Cocoa).

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