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Retro 1980s baby names

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Looking for a totally rad baby name? Look no further than the 1980s. Names that were ultra popular in the '80s have become fairly rare. While they're still popular, contemporary names, 1980s names are delightfully unique. In fact, you may find that your little girl will be the only Brenda or Tiffany in her class.

1980s baby namesThe 1980s are continually cycling back into style. From My Little Pony's resurgence to leggings and big tunics, 1980s trends have a way of returning to popularity. Names are no different. We've scoured the top retro names to bring you baby boy names and baby girl names from your childhood. The biggest challenge in picking a name that was popular in the 1980s might be making sure it isn't the name of a classmate who drove you up the wall.

When picking a retro name, try pairing it with a short, modern name. Consider the myriad of nicknames that accompany many of these popular 1980s names. You should also think about pop culture icons and fictional figures who share the same names. As with any baby name, give it a lot of thought and don't hesitate to keep your top picks to yourself until you're ready to share your baby name with friends and family.

Get inspired with these retro names for boys and retro names for girls. Don't worry, we left the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles off the list.

1980s baby girl names

1980s baby boy names

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