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Rich Baby Names for Girls and Boys

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Are you looking for a rich baby name that will give your child a life of luxury? We all hope our babies will grow up to be healthy and happy… and wealthy? There’s nothing wrong with guiding your children toward a successful future, and you can begin by giving them a rich baby name. Inspired by Forbes richest lists, these baby names are right on the money for your ambitious baby girl or baby boy.

Baby holding money21 Rich Baby Names

This exclusive bunch includes the richest of the rich, heralding from the US, Mexico, India, France, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. Try one of these rich baby names for your little billionaire-to-be:

  1. Alice: (Walton, $20.6 billion, Wal-Mart, US)
  2. Amancio: (Ortega, $25 billion, fashion retail, Spain)
  3. Azim: (Premji, $17 billion, software, India)
  4. Bernard: (Arnault, $27.5 billion, luxury goods, France)
  5. Bill: (Gates, $53 billion, Microsoft, US)
  6. Carlos: (Slim Helu, $53.5 billion, Telecom, Mexico)
  7. Christy: (Walton, $22.5 billion, Wal-Mart, US)
  8. Eike (Batista, $27 billion, mining/oil, Brazil)
  9. Ingvar: (Kamprad, $23 billion, Ikea, Sweden)
  10. Jim: (Walton, $20.7 billion, Wal-Mart, US)
  11. Karl: (Albrecht, $23.5 billion, supermarkets, Germany)
  12. Lakshmi: (Mittal, $28.7 billion, steel, India)
  13. Lawrence: (Ellison, $28 billion, Oracle)
  14. Lee: (Shau Kee, $18.5 billion, real estate, Hong Kong)
  15. Liliane: (Bettencourt, $20 billion, L’Oreal, France)
  16. Mukesh (Ambani, $47 million, oil, India)
  17. Robson: (Walton, $19.8 billion , Wal-Mart, US)
  18. Sergey: (Brin, $17.5 billion, Google, US)
  19. Stefan: (Persson, $22.4 billion, H&M, Sweden)
  20. Vladimir: (Lisin, $15.8 billion, steel, Russia)
  21. Warren: (Buffet, $47 million, investments, US)


Rich Surnames

Want your baby’s name to more obviously reflect wealth? Use a billionaire middle or surname:

Ballmer, Bin, Buffet, Ellison, Gates, Helu, Ka-shing (sounds like ka-ching!), Kee, Koch, Mittal, Slim, Thomson, or Walton

Rich Baby Girl Names

These very rich women earned every penny on their own -- their names signify wealth and work ethic:

  • Wu Yajun, $3.9 billion
  • Rosalia Mera, $3.5 billion
  • Elena Baturina, $2.9 billion
  • Doris Fisher, $2.4 billion
  • Xiu Li Hawken, $2.4 billion
  • Oprah Winfrey, $2.4 billion
  • Giuliana Benetton, $2.1 billion
  • Chu Lam Yui, $2.1 billion
  • Zhang Xin, $2 billion


Forbes’ Richest Celebrity Names

Many of our favorite actors, musicians and talk show hosts are as rich as they are famous:

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