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Rock Star Baby Names

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Ringo, Paul, John and George. Sure, we know they’re the Beatles and we also know they rocked out to Lucy, Jude and Molly, but what you may not know is how musicians can impact our baby naming decisions.  When it comes to baby names and rockin’ the Kasbah (or in this case the cradle), it’s all about getting your rocker game on.

That’s right, we’re talkin’ about those famous rocker names. Alanis, Beyonce and Rihanna. Bono, Billy and Elton.  Why should we consider rocker baby names, you ask? Perhaps the better question is, why not? As you pour through baby naming books you may be bewildered at all the choices in finding the perfect baby name. Betwixt and between, however, all you need to do is turn on that iPod for a little naming inspiration.

Rockers are successful, they’re brilliant and, of course,  oh-so talented. Sure, some are a little unique (like Madonna ) whereas others are more mainstream (like Justin) but there’s a wide range of options for everyone. Timberlake certainly has his share of Grammy’s, as does Norah Jones. As you can see, it doesn’t really matter if you go with unique or mainstream performers since you’re likely naming your baby after a successful musician.

Your own personal choice will boil down to the association factor.  Do you want to go with a name people will always associate your little one with, like Ringo, or do you prefer a more unobtrusive connection like Kurt, as in the late rocker Kurt Cobain? Do you want your little one to hopefully parlay a musical talent such as Wolfgang, the son of Valerie Bertinelli and her ex-hubbie rocker from Van Halen?
So how do you decide, you ask? First of all, you and your partner may want to focus on your favorite music. Do you rock out to James Taylor or is Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy more your speed? Do you like Bono’s U2 or are you a retro fan of the late Michael Hutchence and INXS?  Do you rock out to Mariah’s ballads or do you prefer pop beats from Jessica?

And while we’re at it, which type of music do you prefer? If country music’s your preference and you name your son Billy Ray, what if he grows up to love heavy metal? If you’re channeling country, this may not be such a bad avenue to take. Another idea to consider of course is musicians from other generations like Frank, Tony or Sammy. Classic musicians and consequently classic namesakes never truly go out of style.

Another item to consider is this: is your rocker name going to be too trendy? If you name your daughter Hannah, as in Hannah Montana, will you have recollections of the Disney star years from now? Or perhaps boy bands from a few years ago, New Kids on the Block, anyone? If you name your son Mark, will you simply want to call him Marky Mark out of habit?

If you still need musical inspiration, you may want to check out the latest songs heating up the charts either now or from yesteryear. For instance, Elvis is always an unforgettable name as his success was no doubt indelible in musical history. Another item to consider is their demise: for instance, parents naming their child Elvis may be skeptical about the circumstances surrounding the death of Elvis. The same holds true for other musicians who met a tragic fate, such as John Denver.

Above all, when it comes down to the personal choice of what to name your baby, whether you choose a quirky musical name or mainstream one, chances are the name you select will be music to your ears.

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written by paula alex, December 24, 2010
hahahah my name is paula, my older sister is giorgia and my younger sister is joanna. whenn you change the names into boy names all we're missing is ringo nd we'd be a girl version of the beetles :)

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