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Seasonal baby names that work all year long

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Matching baby's name to a particular season is old news. Spring born in April? Noel born in December? We've seen them all a thousand times now! How about flipping this baby name tradition on its head and finding some seasonal names that work all year long? 

Babies don't always come on our preferred schedules. Lovers of summer need not leave their favorites off the list because baby is due in winter. We found a dozen baby names tied to the seasons — but not too tied to the seasons — to suit your little sweetheart, no matter her birthday.

Augustus: A month name disguised: call him Gus and no one will wonder why his birth month doesn't match up.

Avril: While calling your baby girl April will have many folks expecting an Aries, using the French equivalent all but erases the connotation.

Cole: No one wants a stocking full of coal, making this seasonal baby name one best given in the off-season.

Ivy: Botanical names are surging in popularity right now. Choose the holiday counterpart of Holly for a winter baby name that feels fresh all year.

Juliet: Sharing its root with July, this summer name's Shakespearean ties free it up for use in any season.

Leo: Tied to the July/August astrological sign, this summer name for baby boys is strong enough for a little lion man born in any month of the year.

Mae: This old-fashioned baby girl name is due to make a comeback. It references the goddess of spring, but won't set off any "Oh, she must have been born in May!" remarks.

Neve: In Italian, this beautiful girl name means "snow." Use the Gaelic meaning of "radiance; brightness" if you want it to shine for your spring or summer baby.

Nia: One of the days of Kwanzaa, this gorgeous name shares enough in common with Mia and Leah that it gets a pass all year long.

Nicholas: Tied to St. Nicholas for sure, but a great way to celebrate the holiday season any time of year.

Opal: While it hasn't been highly popular since the early 1900s, this October birthstone name shares the appeal of current chart toppers like Ruby and Jade.

Persephone: In Greek mythology, she was tied to the spring. While this name seems a mouthful, it is a fresh sounding alternative to the currently popular Penelope and 1980s mainstay Stephanie.

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