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Sesame Street Baby Names

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Since 1969, Sesame Street has been teaching and entertaining children. The show has retained a number of regulars – both human and Muppet – and enjoyed scores of famous visitors and guest stars. If you were a true Sesame Street fan, then you'll see why these delightful baby names are so special.

Behind the scenes

Thanks to the creative genius of these special folks, Sesame Street has touched the lives of millions of children:

  • Jim Henson – the creator of the Muppets
  • Joan Ganz Cooney – the first executive director of the Children's Television Workshop
  • Kermit Love – the Muppet designer who also played "Willy the Hot Dog Vendor"

The Sesame Street Muppets

Beyond Big Bird, Cookie Monster and The Count are these delightful Sesame Street Muppet regulars:

  • Abby Cadabby – a 3-year-old fairy
  • Aloysius Snuffleupagus – better known as "Snuffy"
  • Aristotle – the blind monster
  • Barkley – Linda's friendly, shaggy dog
  • Benny Rabbit – the bellhop at the Furry Arms Hotel
  • Bert – Ernie's best friend, loves pigeons
  • Big Jeffy – the fat blue bearded hippie
  • Chuckie Sue – Telly's pet hamster
  • Clementine – "Forgetful Jones" cowgirl girlfriend
  • David Letterguy – the orange host of "The Alphabet Roadshow"
  • Dexter – a large monster who juggles
  • Dorothy – Elmo's pet goldfish
  • Elizabeth – the green Muppet with pigtails and a cat named Little Murray Sparkles
  • Elmo – the very famous furry, red 3-year-old
  • Ernie – Bert's best friend, loves his Rubber Duckie
  • Farley – green boy with spiky orange hair and a yellow sweater
  • Gladys the Cow – the showy cow who sings opera
  • Grover – the cute blue favorite
  • Guy Smiley – the orange-gold game show host
  • Harvey Kneeslapper – the large lavender muppet with blonde hair; loves practical jokes
  • Herry Monster – the big blue 6-year-old monster with the purple nose
  • Homer Honker – a green Honker with blue hair
  • Horatio – the elephant who can walk and dance on two legs
  • Humphrey – manages the Furry Arms Hotel with his wife Ingrid
  • Ingrid – manages the Furry Arms Hotel with her hubby Humphrey
  • Natasha – gurgling daughter of Humphrey and Ingrid
  • Kermit the Frog – one of the first Muppets built by Jim Henson
  • Louie – Elmo's dad
  • Maurice Monster – a light-blue shaggy monster with a green nose
  • Murray Monster – orange, furry host of "Word on the Street"
  • Oscar the Grouch – the resident grouch since 1969; lives in a trash can
  • Ovejita – Murray's little lamb friend
  • Prairie Dawn – the pink Muppet who loves pageants
  • Roosevelt Franklin – the popular red Muppet who attended Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School
  • Rosita – the show's first bilingual Muppet (English and Spanish)
  • Ruby – the yellow monster who loves experiments and toy trucks
  • Sherlock Hemlock – the green Muppet detective with a dog named Watson
  • Simon Soundman – the fat blue Muppet who often interacts with Grover

The Sesame Street humans

The original cast of real people included just four actors:

  • Bob – Bob McGrath has portrayed the music teacher since 1969.
  • Gordon – Susan's husband, the science teacher, was played by Matt Robinson (and is now portrayed by Roscoe Orman).
  • Harold Hooper – "Mr. Hooper" was the proprietor of Hooper's Store.
  • Susan – "Susan," played by Loretta Long since 1969, is married to "Gordon."

Sesame Street quickly expanded to feature a number of beloved "regulars":

  • Alan – "Alan" has been the owner of Hooper's Store since 1998.
  • Armando – This Puerto-Rican resident is a new Latino neighbor on Sesame Street.
  • Buffy Sainte-Marie – The Cree musician made many appearances during the late 1970s.
  • Carlo – This teenager from Gordon's science class worked at Hooper's Store.
  • Celina – "Celina" ran the dance studio above Sesame Street's Finders Keepers Thrift Shop.
  • Chris – "Chris" is the nephew of Gordon and Susan and helps out at Hooper's Store when he's not in school.
  • David – "David" took over Hooper's Store after Mr. Hooper died. (He also dated "Maria" for awhile.)
  • Edith Ann – Lily Tomlin played this funny little girl. She also played "Ernestine," the telephone operator from the Furry Arms Hotel.
  • Gabriela – "Gabi" is the daughter of "Luis" and "Maria."
  • Gina – "Dr. Gina Jefferson" is a veterinarian who adopted a baby named Marco from Guatemala.
  • Hiroshi – This artist appeared on Sesame Street from 1988 to 1991.
  • Jason – The son of Sesame Street writer Emily Kingsley, this Down syndrome child made appearances on the show in 1975.
  • Jelani – "Jelani" worked at the Birdland music club and was friends with Alex, Gina and Mike.
  • Joey – One of the young girls who interacted with the Muppets.
  • John-John – This adorable child was best-known for this counting segment with Herry Monster.
  • Leela – "Leela" is the Indian-American woman who runs the laundromat next to Hooper's Store.
  • Lillian – Lillias White won an Emmy for her role as "Lillian," the family daycare provider.
  • Linda – The neighborhood librarian (and Bob's girlfriend) is deaf and was the original owner of Barkley, a Muppet dog.
  • Luis – This Mexican-American runs the Fix-It Shop with his wife "Maria."
  • Maria – "Maria" has been with Sesame Street since she was a teenager (1971) and runs the Fix-It Shop with her husband "Luis."
  • Miguel – Jaime Sanchez portrayed Miguel, who was the first Latino cast member of Sesame Street.
  • Miles – "Miles" is the adopted son of Gordon and Susan.
  • Molly – Charlotte Rae (of The Facts of Life fame) played "Molly," a mail carrier, in the early 1970s.
  • Olivia – Gordon's younger sister is also a professional photographer on the show.
  • Petey – This break-dancing teen worked at Hooper's Store in the mid-1980s.
  • Rafael – This Puerto Rican man helped "Luis" start the Fix-It Shop and taught Spanish words to the neighborhood children.
  • Ruthie – The fun-loving owner of Finders Keepers Thrift Shop, played by Ruth Buzzi, was a master storyteller.
  • Savion – "Savion" was a talented teenage dancer who appeared on Sesame Street in the early 1990s.
  • Tarah – This young girl was the show's first regularly appearing character in a wheelchair.
  • Wally – "Uncle Wally" is Bob's uncle.

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