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Simple Yet Unique Boy Names

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A simple, yet unique boy name will help your child stand out in a crowd. Short baby boy names are easy to come by -- Gage, Jack and Seth are great traditional names that parents all over choose for their little ones. If you’re looking for a short boy name that is a little more unique, look no further! Choose a name like Dion, which is a Greek name and comes from the god of wine and fertility -- or perhaps a name like Kane, which has Irish roots. Come check out this awesome collection of boy names, right along with their meanings and origins! 

Baby boy in diaperInspired by cultures around the world as well as seldom-used English names, these unique names will be a hit with you if you’re seeking something a little off the beaten path. They are especially great when paired with a long last name, but you can consider them even if your family sports a shorter surname. A short-long combination is balanced and pleasing to the ear while a short-short combination is hip, snappy and easy to remember.

Short Unique Boys Names & Meanings


From Amir (an Arabic name that means “prince”) to Zed (a Hebrew name meaning “the Lord is just”), here are the coolest and most interesting short names for baby boys!


  • Amir: This Arabic name means “prince, treetop.”
  • Ari: This name means “lion, eagle” and has Hebrew roots.
  • Asa: A Hebrew name, this means “doctor, healer.” Has Biblical roots.
  • Bern: An Old German name, this means “bear.”
  • Coe: This is a variation of the Irish name Cowan and means “hollow in the hill.”
  • Dion: A Greek name, this is a shortened version of the name Dionysius, which is derived from the name of the god Dionysus (god of fertility).
  • Enzo: This is a German variation of the name Henry and means “home ruler.”
  • Esau: Pronounced EE sah, this name means “hairy.” This is another Biblical name -- Esau was the twin brother of Jacob.
  • Fox: This name means what it says -- “fox.” It may have originally referred to a fox catcher!
  • Goren: A Hebrew name, this means “barn floor.”
  • Gunn: This is another version of the German name Gunther and means “battler, warrior.”
  • Hale: Meaning “hero, from the hall,” this name has Old English roots.
  • Kane: An Irish Gaelic name, this means “battler.”
  • Leith: Meaning “broad river,” this name has Scottish roots.
  • Meir: A Hebrew name, this means “bright one.”
  • Parr: An Old English name, this means “castle park.”
  • Rand: This Old German name means “shield.”
  • Rhys: Meaning “enthusiasm,” this name has Welsh roots and is another form of the name Reece.
  • Seb: A short form of Sebastian, this means “revered” and is sometimes given as an independent first name.
  • Taft: Of Old French origin, this means “homestead.” Rich with presidential history -- William Howard Taft was the 26th American President.
  • Uri: This Hebrew name means “my light, my flame.”
  • Vane: Meaning “banner,” this name has Old English roots and is an aristocratic family name in England.
  • Zed: A Hebrew name, this is another version of the name Zedekiah and means “the Lord is just.”

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