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Simple Yet Unique Girls Names

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Are you looking for a baby girl name that is simple, yet unique? Many parents are searching for a short baby girl name for many reasons. If you have a long last name (3 or more syllables) then picking a longer first name might not be your initial choice. Longer names can often be easily shortened to nicknames but if you’re not interested in that option, a cute, hip first name would be your best bet. Also, pairing a short first name with an equally short last name can make for an interesting combo -- easy to remember and pleasing to the ear. 

Baby girl in pinkIf these names are too exotic-sounding for a first name, you might consider them for a fun middle name as well. Many parents-to-be like to use creative and unique names in the middle name spot and these would be a great choice.

Check out these unique short girl names right along with their meanings!

Short and Unique Girls Names and Meanings


  • Aina: This name is of Scandinavian origin and the means "forever."
  • Aja: This Hindi name means “goat.”
  • Basha: This name means “stranger” and has Polish origins -- it also has the same root as the name Barbara.
  • Bat: A Hebrew name, this means “daughter.” The Anglicised version is Beth.
  • Bren: This name is a variation of several other names -- Brenda, Brenna and Bryn. It means “sword, raven, little drop of water.”
  • Cai: This name means “feminine” and has Vietnamese roots.
  • Dea: A Latin name, this means “goddess.”
  • Eira: A Welsh name, this means “snow.”
  • Eris: A name from Greek mythology, Eris is the goddess of discord and destruction.
  • Gaea: This Greek name means “earth” -- in Greek mythology, Gaea was another name for Mother Earth.
  • Hava: This Hebrew name means “life” and is the root of the name Eve.
  • Karis: A Greek name, this means “grace.”
  • Liri: A Hebrew name, this means “musical.”
  • Lyra: Another version of the Greek name Lyris, this means “lyre.”
  • Mab: This name has Irish, Gaelic and Welsh roots and its meaning is “joy, baby, hilarity.”
  • Neka: An American Indian name, this means “wild goose.”
  • Nila: This name is derived from the name of the river Nile in Egypt.
  • Ola: An Old Norse name, this means “ancestor’s relic.”
  • Rima: Of Spanish origin, this name means “rhyme, poetry.”
  • Sina: Meaning “treasure,” this name has Hebrew roots.
  • Stina: This is a short form of the name Christina and can be bestowed as an independent given name.
  • Tia: This Spanish name means “aunt.” Another version of this name is Tea.
  • Trea: This name comes from the Latin word tertia which means “third.”
  • Una: A Latin name, this means “one.” An Irish version of this name is Unah.
  • Wren: Also the name of a small, brown songbird, this name has Old English roots.
  • Zea: A Latin name, this means “grain.”


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