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Spanish Baby Names: Exotic and Romantic

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Spanish baby names are making their mark on mainstream American baby-naming trends. You don’t have to be Spanish or speak the language to appreciate the beauty of the exotic and romantic names in this culture. Check out our pick of the top Spanish baby names for your boy or girl.

spanish baby In 2008, the Social Security Administration was peppered with identifiable Spanish baby names for both girls and boys. Alongside Jacob and Emma, Jack and Addison can be found the following names:

Popular Spanish Names

Spanish Girl Names: Amelia, Angelina, Camila, Isabel, Maria, Maya, Valeria

Spanish Boy Names: Carlos, Diego, Jesus, Jose, Juan, Luis

Beyond the U.S., some of the most popular baby names in Spain are as follows:

Girl Names: Amalia, Anna, Elena, Isabel, Nadia, Nuria, Pilar, Sara

Boy Names: Alejandro, Carlos, Javier, Jorge, Jose, Juan, Miguel, Pedro

Baby Names with Spanish Variations

Are you looking for a nombre for your baby that isn’t quite commonplace? Infusing a name with a bit of Spanish can be just the spicing up that you need to turn a “regular” name into something special. Here are stand-out Spanish variations on some English names:

Spanish Girl Names:
Alexandra – Alejandra
Carol – Caro
Henrietta – Enrica
Lillian – Lilia
Michaela – Miguela
Sarah – Zarita

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Spanish Boy Names:
Abraham – Abran
Bartholomew – Barto
Claude – Claudio
Stephen – Esteban
Marcus – Marcos
Michael – Miguel
Roland – Orlando
Paul – Pablo
Thaddeus – Tadeo

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Hollywood has been infused with a talented, generous dose of Latin culture, and the first or last names of celebs (past and present) might be just the place for you to find that flavor you’re looking for in a moniker for your little one.

Here are some of the more well-known Latin celebs – from the big screen to the concert stage to the small screen to the playing field:

Spanish Celebrity Baby Names:

Alfonso Reyes – writer
Andy Garcia – actor
Antonio Banderas – actor
Benicio del Toro – actor
Carlos Fuentes – writer
Carlos Santana – singer/songwriter/guitarist extraordinaire
Christina Aguilera – singer
Diego Luna – actor
Diego Rivera – muralist
El Greco – artist
Elena Poniatowska – writer
Emilio Estefan – music producer
Enrique Iglesias – singer
Esai Morales – actor
Eva Mendes – actress
Fernando del Paso – writer
Frida Kahlo – painter
Gael Garcia Bernal – actor
George Lopez – actor
Gloria Estefan – singer
Javier Bardem – actor
Jennifer Lopez – singer/actress
Jimmy Smits – actor
Joan Miro – artist
John Leguizamo – comedian/actor
José Feliciano – singer/songwriter
Juan Gris – artist 
Keith Hernandez – baseball player
Marc Anthony – singer
Octavio Paz – writer
Oscar de la Hoya – boxer
Pablo Neruda – poet
Pablo Picasso – artist
Pau Gasol – basketball player
Pedro Almodovar – filmmaker
Penelope Cruz – actress
Rita Moreno – actress/singer
Ritchie Valens – singer/songwriter
Salma Hayek – actress
Salvador Dali – artist
Shakira – singer/songwriter
Even celebs have been inspired by the Spanish culture and named their little ones accordingly:

Cruz – son of David and Victoria Beckham
Lola – daughter of actors Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen
Joaquín Antonio and Lola – son and daughter of actors Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
Lourdes – daughter of Madonna and personal trainer Carlos León
Ramona – daughter of actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Saarsgard
Valentina Paloma – daughter of actress Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault

And for a handful of additional Spanish names for the little lady or lad in your life, here are two A to Z lists:

More Spanish Girl Names: Aida, Belén, Calíope, Dafne, Elvira, Fe, Gianina, Hermosa, Ilana, Jimena, Luna, Magdalena, Nuria, Odilia, Perla, Rubí, Susana, Talia, Uma, Viviana, Wendy, Ximena, Yara, Zarina.

More Spanish Boy Names: Amadeo, Benedicto, Ceferino, Diógenes, Eliseo, Fernando, Guillermo, Hugo, Isaías, Jacinto, Luperco, Maximiliano, Noé, Octavio, Paz, Quinto, Roberto, Silvestre, Tabo, Umberto, Valentin, Xavier, Yago, Zacarías.

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