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Spring Baby Names

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Are you looking for a spring baby name for your baby that is due in March, April or May? Spring is synonymous with new life. For parents expecting a Spring visit from the stork, check out some names for your baby-to-be that will pay homage to the season of renewal.

Spring babyNames like Chloe (meaning young green shoot) embody all that Spring means, but there are lots of labels that are inspired by Spring. From calendar names to letting Mother Nature be your muse, here are a few more monikers that are as fresh as the spring-born babes who wear them:

Calendar Insight

The months of March, April, May, and June may be inspiration enough for new parents searching for a Spring name for their little girl. Mae, April, and June all fit the bill for babies born in the springtime.  The month of March was named after the names Marcus and Marcella. For April babies, Averill means April in French and Anani means fourth for girls born during this fourth month of the year. Similarly, Quintina means fifth for May-day bundles of joy.

The season’s holidays bring to mind some fitting labels, such as Patrick to honor St. Patrick’s Day. Or, in honor of Easter, girl names like Bernadine, which is Bunny for short, or Esther which rings similar to the holiday, or Pascal or Jesus for boys.

Flower Power

As sweet as their namesakes, Spring monikers are blooming right before your eyes. Flower baby names like Briar Rose, Daffodil, Dalia, Daisy, Flora, Heather, Iris, Ivy, Jasmine, Leilani, Laurel, Lilac, Lily, Primrose, Rose, Violet, and Zinnia are sweet names for girls. But, do not rule out boy names from the same source; Lief is another floral name inspired by Spring.

Nature-Inspired Baby Names

In honor of the changes your body is going through while baby’s on board, you can look to Mother Nature and the changes she’s making with the seasons! Names like Aurora, Dawn, Reigney, Rayne, and Sunshine, would be a good fit for your sweet baby girl. Or, a name like River could be just the label you need for your bouncing boy. And, Sunny/Sonny works for babies in either blue or pink.

Names That Mean “Spring”

Dig deeper into a name and you can find many names that hold the meaning of Spring. Boy names such as Alvern, Dennis, Haruki (Japanese), Jarek (Slavic), Jaroslay, Kell, and Vasant (Sanskirt) mean “Spring,”, while Bahaar (Hindi), Caroun (Armenian), Cerelia (Latin) Gen, (Japanese), Kelda (Norse) Primavera (Italian), Rabiah (Arabic), Suzu, Tami, and Verna (Latin) are monikers for girls that hold the same designation.

Mythological Names Associated with Spring

Looking to Mount Olympus can give you just the seasonal label you are looking for. In Greek mythology, Demeter was the goddess of the earth, responsible for making it come to life in the Spring, while her daughter Persephone was the goddess of Spring growth. Try Demi or Seph if the original is too unique for your tastes. Or, consider Irene (Eirene) who was the goddess of Spring in Roman mythology for something more modern.

Spring names can be cute for both boys and girls alike. But, before you settle on a moniker, think ahead; be sure that your sweetie pie will be able to live with the label you have picked long into adulthood!

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