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Spunky nicknames for baby girls

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Curious how to give your girl a spunky nickname not necessarily tied to her given name? Here are some tips for finding the right one.

Nicknames are a polarizing topic in baby naming. Parents either love them or hate them. Some insist on names with lots of nickname options, others want names with no nicknames at all. But what happens if you find yourself in the middle? In love with a nicknameless name, but you wanted nicknames? We have the solution!

Spunky nicknames for baby girls

Nicknames don't have to come from a given name. Most will come about organically as your daughter's personality emerges, but here are a few types of monikers you can try out in the mean time.

  • Initials: Does your girl have adorable initials? We love the middle initial J, because it makes the greatest nicknames: A.J., P.J., T.J, etc.
  • Last name: Calling a little girl by her last name might sound a little strange, but what about a nickname based on it? Think Becks for Beckett or Coop for Cooper.
  • Numbers: Our lives are filled with numbers. Look for single digits that relate to your girl, from her birth date to her birth order. Nicknames like Nine and Six suit sassy girls perfectly.
  • Days of the week: If Nicole Kidman can name her daughter Sunday, we see no reason you can't use a day of the week as a spunky nickname.
  • Boy nicknames: Girls don't need boy names to sound tough, but that doesn't mean they aren't adorable. Try to find a masculine nickname embedded in your daughter's feminine first name. We love Jack for Jacqueline, Finn for Fiona, Chuck for Charlotte and Eli for Elizabeth.
  • Repeating syllables: They usually come from the first name, but you can pull these out of almost anywhere. Think Bebe, Cece, Coco or Lulu. So cute, so spunky.

Noun and adjective nicknames

If you want an extra special nickname, find something your girl loves or a particular quality she has. Many of the following names are used as given first names, but we prefer them as nicknames. Even a connection as weak as sharing the same initial as her first name can be enough to get people to nod through your nickname explanation.

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