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Stormy baby names

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Usually summer-themed baby names focus on sunshine and tropical destinations, but how about taking a look at summer's darker side? Thunderstorms represent the strength and power of Mother Nature, traits worthy of honoring in your baby's moniker.

No matter how much you love and treasure your sweet bundle of sunshine, there is no denying it: a new baby will take your life by storm. Seek shelter, hunker down, and join us as we review several sources for stormy baby name inspiration. 

Hurricane names for baby boys and girls

Summer in the southeast United States means one thing: hurricane season! Atlantic tropical systems receive names — representing a variety of cultures and generations — from the National Hurricane Center each year. Storm names alternate alphabetically from boy to girl, with boys leading off in 2014 and girls in 2015. Let us hope none of these names makes the news in the next couple of years!

Boy hurricane names

Girl hurricane names

Baby names with stormy meanings

Do you think your summer baby will have a stormy nature? We handpicked these strong baby names with rough weather meanings. We love the darkness of Lilith, with the nickname Lily for her sunny days.

  • Amaya, f: Arabic, "night rain"
  • Barak, m: Hebrew, "flash of lightning"
  • Deema, f: Arabic, "rain cloud"
  • Lilith, f: Hebrew, "night monster; storm goddess"
  • Rai, m: Japanese, "trust; lightning; thunder"
  • Stormy, f: English, "tempest"
  • Taima, m/f: Native American, "thunder"
  • Taren, m: Welsh, "thunder"
  • Tarleton, m: English, "from the thunder estate"
  • Tempest, f: English, "turbulent; stormy"
  • Terrell, m: English, "thunder ruler"
  • Thor, m: Icelandic, "thunder"
  • Thunder, m: English, "stormy tempered"
  • Tormaigh, m: Irish, "thunder spirit"
  • Yoki, f: Native American, "rain"
  • Zephyr, m: Greek, "wind"

Baby names from Shakespeare's The Tempest

Rough weather appears throughout Shakespeare's works, but none so prominently as the eponymous storm in The Tempest. Let these beautifully named characters inspire your baby name choices.

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