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Strong Baby Names and Meanings

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When it comes time to bestowing upon your little one a baby name that he will carry with him through life, you may want to consider a strong baby name that will help convey themes of confidence, self-assurance and self-esteem. Inspiration for strong baby names can come from political figures, celebrities and from names with 'strong' meaning.

father holding babyWhen you are naming your child with the purpose of developing a strong sense of the name, consider that super-trendy names, super out-there names (like Jupiter!) or uniquely spelled names might not be the way to go. If you are envisioning a strong political future for your child, forget bizarre names, made up names and weird spellings. Stick to classics like Katherine, Margaret, Joe, and Matthew.

Naming a baby after a strong political or famous figure is another great way to form a strong moniker. Think about the current power players in politics and Hollywood, or ones that have stood the test of time. Nancy for Nancy Pelosi, Eleanor for Eleanor Roosevelt, John for John F. Kennedy, and Barack -- for obvious reasons! You can also turn to celebrity powerhouses for name inspiration: Brad, Tom, George, Jennifer, Sandra, and Julia should all be considered.

If you don't want to name your baby after someone in particular, here are some names with strong meanings:

Arthur or Arturo: Of Celtic origin, meaning strong as a bear.
Breanne: An Irish name which means strong.
Brian: 10th century Brian Boru was a high king and an Irish national hero.
Brianna: Of Irish origins meaning high, noble, or strong.
Burghard, Burhardt or Burkhart: Means strong as a castle in German.
Carel, Carlo, Carlos and Carolos: Mean strong in French.
Connie, Conor and Cornelius: Mean strong-willed or wise.
Darrick: An Irish name which means strong and oak-hearted.
Everett: Meaning brave, strong boar.
Garrett: Anglo-Saxon for strong spear.
Griffith: Means strong chief.
Hartman: Means hard, strong man.
Isana: German for strong willed.
Karl: Means strong and masculine in French.
Ken: Japanese for strong, physically healthy.
Madison: The English surname derived from Matilda (strong fighter).
Ozzie: Hebrew for strong.
Ricardo or Ricarda: Strong ruler in English and Spanish, respectively.
Richard: French for powerful; strong ruler.
Sever, Sener or Seaver: Anglo-Saxon for fierce stronghold.
Treasa: Irish for strong.
Treise: Irish for strong.
Valentine: English for strong, a variant of Valentinus, the name of more than 50 saints and three Roman emperors.
Valerie: Of English origin meaning strong, valiant. The feminine version of the Roman family clan name Valerius. Meaning strong in Latin.
Wilkie: English for strong protector.
Yolande: French for strong.

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