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Strong Russian baby names

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Do you have Russian roots? If so, finding a name that works in both English and Russian can be difficult. Differing alphabets — 33 Cyrillic characters in Russian vs. 26 Roman characters in English — narrow the overlap of usable names in both languages. We've tackled the problem and found 75 Russian names for boys and girls that most Americans will recognize.

Strong Russian names for baby boys

Though many Russian boy names sound harsh to American ears, you might be surprised that some sound almost feminine. You can find toughness in Maxim but softness in Sasha. We've included meanings to help you find the perfect Russian name for your sweet yet sturdy boy.

  • Abram: high father
  • Alexander: defender of men
  • Anton: highly praiseworthy
  • Artur: noble bear
  • Bogdan: gift from God
  • Boris: one who fights for glory
  • Cyril: master; lord
  • Danil: God is my judge
  • Denis: named for Saint Denys
  • Dima: strong fighter
  • Dmitry: earth lover
  • Egor: farmer
  • Erik: forever strong
  • Evgeny: noble aristocrat
  • Gennady: noble; generous
  • Ilia: God is Lord
  • Ivan: gift from God
  • Konstantin: steady, stable
  • Leonid: lion
  • Lev: united
  • Maxim: the greatest
  • Mikhail: gift from God
  • Nestor: homecoming
  • Nikita: people's victory
  • Oleg: holy
  • Pasha: born at Easter
  • Pavlo: small
  • Pyotr: stone
  • Sasha: pet form of Alexander
  • Sergei: protector
  • Stanislav: military glory
  • Timofei: to honor God
  • Veniamin: son of the right hand
  • Viktor: conqueror
  • Vladimir: universal ruler

Strong Russian names for baby girls

Russian girl names sound like princess names, teeming with regality and grace. Polina crosses over between languages beautifully, with the traditional American nickname Polly for her schoolyard days. You'll notice many of these Russian girl names are already quite popular in the states. Which is your favorite?

  • Alexandra: defender of mankind
  • Alina: beautiful
  • Anastasia: a revival from new
  • Anya: favor; grace
  • Daria: rich
  • Dasha: God's gift
  • Dominika: born on Sunday
  • Ekaterina: pure
  • Elizaveta: devoted to God
  • Emilia: industrious
  • Eva: life; living one
  • Faina: crown
  • Galina: God shall redeem
  • Inga: a hero's daughter
  • Klara: bright
  • Klementina: clemency; mercy
  • Larisa: cheerful
  • Lena: name suffix
  • Liliya: form of Lily
  • Marina: from the sea
  • Marta: lady
  • Natasha: born at Christmas
  • Nastya: reborn
  • Natalia: birthday of Christ
  • Nina: grace
  • Oksana: praise be to God
  • Olga: holy
  • Polina: for the god Apollo
  • Raisa: thinker
  • Regina: queen
  • Rozalina: rose
  • Sofia: wisdom
  • Sonya: wisdom
  • Svetlana: luminescent
  • Tamara: palm tree
  • Tanya: abbreviation of Tatiana
  • Vera: faith; true
  • Veronika: honest
  • Yulia: young
  • Zoya: life

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