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Suave names for baby boys

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It may be difficult to picture your new baby boy as anything but a cooing little bundle of cuteness. We get it. However, that little bundle will grow to be a gangly boy someday and eventually he'll become a man. With that in mind, consider suave names with some romance and charm. Suave names are instilled with confidence and class. They're not overly cute or too unusual. For a name that's just right for your little one's future, check out this fun list of suave names for baby boys. 

Classic suave characters and actors

These 10 baby names for boys are inspired by characters and actors who will be remembered for decades. These men are known for being suave and cool and their names are excellent choices for little boys.

  • Atticus - Atticus Finch is one of film and literature's greatest heroes, as well as being a super dad. It doesn't get much suaver than that.
  • Cary - Cary Grant spent decades making both men and women swoon over his characters on the big screen.
  • Clark - Clark Kent is anything but suave, but who can deny his major sexiness when he puts on the cape?
Denzel - Denzel Washington has portrayed scores of suave men on the big screen.
  • Jack - From Jack Dawson in Titanic to brave Jack the giant slayer, many characters have given this name power and appeal.
  • Lawrence - This name is on the softer side of suave. Who can forget Lawrence of Arabia?
  • Luke - From Cool Hand Luke to Luke Skywalker, classic film characters have made this name hip and memorable.
  • Malcolm - Mal Reynolds, captain of Serenity, has been a longtime fan favorite, known for his flirty confidence.
  • Marlon - This quirky, unusual name will always call to mind the confidence and appeal of Marlon Brando.
  • Tony  - Iron Man's Tony Stark and West Side Story's Tony make this an unforgettable suave name.

Baby boy names that sound suave

These additional 10 baby names for boys have a suave sound to them. They bring to mind men with charm and personalities that make you smile.

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