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Summer solstice baby names

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Summer may not be the most comfortable season to be nine months pregnant in, but what better reward is there besides a newborn baby? The summer season hold plenty of inspiration for June, July and August due dates. Come along and cool off from the blazing sun and check out the hottest summer baby names!

Summery baby names for your boy or girlSpring has come and gone and summer is upon us, with its relentless sunlight, beautiful flowers, green trees and fun in the sun (and shade). We hunted around and found some baby names with summery meanings, using the sun itself for inspiration as well as some of summer's common visitors, such as bumblebees. Bodies of water are excellent for recreation as well as perfect for baby naming, such as Dylan, a Welsh name meaning "son of the sea."

Check out these summery baby names for your baby boy or girl!

Summer baby names for girls

Ardea: Meaning "fire," this name has Greek roots.

Aurora: A Latin name, this means "dawn."

Chamania: This Hebrew name means "sunflower."

Chanda: Meaning "hot," this name has Hindi roots.

Deborah: A Hebrew name, this means "bee."

Edana: This Gaelic name, a feminine version of the name Aidan, means "fire."

Elidi: This Greek name means "gift of the sun."

Enya: Meaning "kernel, fire," this name has Gaelic roots.

Juno: A Latin name for "queen of the heaven," this name sounds like June, the month in which summer begins.

Lehava: A Hebrew name, this means "flame."

Melissa: Meaning "bee, honey," this name has Greek roots.

Summer: This Old English name refers to the season of summer.

Sunshine: This name means exactly how it sounds -- "sunshine, cheerful, happy."

Summer baby names for boys

Arun: A Hindi name, this means "dawn, sun."

August: The eighth month of the year, this means, "magnificent, great."

Beckett: This Old English name means "beehive."

Blaze: A Latin name, this means "stutter," but can also mean "flames."

Brand: Meaning "fiery torch, sword," this name has Old Norse roots.

Dylan: This Welsh name means "son of the sea."

Earvin: A Gaelic name, this means "green, fresh water."

Egan: This Irish name means "fire."

Ham: A Biblical name, this means "heat."

Hurley: This Irish name means "sea tide."

Kenneth: Meaning "fire born," this name has Gaelic roots.

Ravi: Meaning "sun," this name has Sanskrit roots.

Samson: A Biblical name, this has Hebrew roots and means "sun."

Somerby: Meaning "summer village," this name has Middle English roots.

Udi: Meaning "torth, burning stick," this has Hebrew origins.

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