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Super sweet baby girl names with a double S

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Double S names make us think of the 1990s, when every other girl was named Melissa or Vanessa and Clarissa explained it all. Let's give this trend a 21st century spin and put the double S back in sassy — check out our top 50 super-sweet baby girl names.

50 Baby girl names with a double S

Ah, the lilting, soothing sound of a double S. Goddess as a name might be taking things a bit far, but many of these beautiful baby girl names take their inspiration from Greek mythology just the same.

  • Agnessa: an updated form of Agnes
  • Alessandra: an Italian feminine form of Alexander
  • Alyssa: a Greek name that means "logical"
  • Anissa: an English variant of Anne
  • Bess: a sweet nickname for Elizabeth
  • Bliss: a noun name of joy and happiness
  • Blossom: another '90s throwback
  • Cassandra: a Greek name meaning "one who helps mankind"
  • Cassidy: an Irish name that means "intelligent"
  • Cerissa: from the bright red cerise
  • Contessa: an Italian name for a countess
  • Cressida: join the rebellion with this Hunger Games-inspired moniker
  • Dessa: from the indie music scene
  • Duchess: another royal name
  • Essence: a noun name meaning "aura"
  • Flossie: a spunky nickname for Florence
  • Gussie: a diminutive of Augusta or Augustina
  • Hadassah: a Hebrew name meaning "myrtle tree"
  • Iridessa: for one of Tinker Bell's pals
  • Issa: an Egyptian name meaning "God saves"
  • Jessalyn: a mashup of Jessica and Lynn
  • Jessamine: a French floral name that means "jasmine"
  • Jessica: a Hebrew name meaning "rich"
  • Joss: a short form of Jocelyn
  • Julissa: a combination of Julia and Melissa
  • Kassia: an English variant of Katherine
  • Lessa: just maybe not as a sibling to Moira
  • Lissette: a French form of Elizabeth
  • Lyssa: an English name meaning "honey"
  • Marissa: a Hebrew variant of Mary
  • Melissa: a Greek nymph
  • Missy: a diminutive of Melissa
  • Moss: a unisex nature name and form of Moses
  • Nerissa: from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice
  • Nessa: a diminutive of Vanessa or Agnes
  • Odessa: a Greek name meaning "wrathful"
  • Ossie: an English name that means "God's spear"
  • Raissa: an intelligent French name meaning "thinker"
  • Rosslyn: a Scottish feminine form of Ross
  • Shannessy: an Irish surname
  • Sissy: a nickname for Christine
  • Tennessee: after the state or playwright Tennessee Williams
  • Tessa: a diminutive of Teresa
  • Thalissa: a combination of Thalia and Melissa
  • Triss: a nickname for Beatrice
  • Vanessa: a Greek name that means "butterfly"
  • Vassie: an old surname
  • Yassamin: after Iranian filmmaker Yassamin Maleknasr
  • Yessica: a Spanish form of Jessica
  • Zissy: from the Yiddish word for "sweet"

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