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Top 50 Classic Baby Boy Names

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Are you looking for a classic baby boy name? While some of these names were popular when our grandparents were born, there is nothing old-fashioned about them --  classic names are coming back in style and are once again popping up in hospital nurseries everywhere! Read on for our Top 50 list of the best classic boy names -- and their meanings.

Cute baby boyBaby names seem to go through cycles. Once in widespread use, a name may decline in popularity for several decades, and then are eventually revived and made "new" again by a new generation of parents. Other names simply have a timeless quality about them and, seemingly untouched by modern trends, can withstand the test of time no matter what. Of course, there are always some names that, once popular, don't seem to catch on again, but even some that may not appeal to you at first may be that perfect name you are looking for.

Maybe a classic baby name is the right one for you? Check out our list of the top 50 classic baby boy names:

1. Archie: A nickname for the name Archibald (which might be a name that doesn't reclaim its popularlity), this has an English origin.

2. Arthur: This ancient name is reminiscent of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

3. Basil: This Greek name means "royal, kingly."

4. Byron: Meaning "at the byres," this name comes from Old English.

5. Calvin: This Old French name has a unique meaning: "little bald one."

6. Clayton: Meaning "clay settlement," this name has an Old English origin.

7. Cleve: Meaning "cliff, land of cliffs," this name is Old English.

8. Elias: Of Greek and Hebrew origin, this name means "the Lord is my God."

9. Emory: An English name, this means "home strength."

10. Ezra: Meaning "helper," this is a Hebrew name.

11. Felix: This Latin name means "fortunate, lucky."

12. Forrest: This name means "woodsman."

13. Foster: An occupational name, this means "woodsman."

14. Grady: This Gaelic name means "renowned."

15. Grant: This Scottish name means "tall, big."

16. Harlan: Meaning "army land," this name has an Old English origin.

17. Harry: An Old German name, this means "home ruler."

18. Henry: This name, another form of Harry, is regaining popularity.

19. Ike: This is a Hebrew name and means "laughter."

20. Ira: This Hebrew name means "watchful, full grown."

21. Jack: A form of the name John, this Old English name means "the Lord is gracious."

22. Jasper: This name has a Persian origin and means "treasure holder."

23. Judson: This name is a variation of the name Jude.

24. Leo: This name has a Latin origin and means "lion."

25. Levi: A name popular in the early 1900's, this Hebrew name means "joined."

26. Max: This is a name that was popular decades ago and is even more popular now.

27. Miles: This Latin name means "soldier."

28. Morris: This is a form of the Latin name Maurice and means "Moorish."

29. Morton: This Old English name means "Moor town."

30. Myron: This Greek name means "myrrh, fragrant oil."

31. Nelson: This name is a variation of the name Neil, which is a Gaelic name meaning "champion."

32. Oliver: This Latin name means "olive tree."

33. Oscar: Meaning "spear of the gods," this name is of Old English origin.

34. Owen: This Welsh name, meaning "well-born, noble," is very popular right now, as it was in the early 1900's.

35. Perry: A name with a Latin origin, this name means "traveler, wanderer."

36. Pierce: This name is another version of the name Peter meaning "rock."

37. Porter: This English name means "gatekeeper."

38. Rex: Another Latin name, this one means "king."

39. Ross: Meaning "headland," this name is Scottish in origin.

40. Sam: Even though this is a nickname for the name Samuel, it is often bestowed as an independent given name.

41. Silas: This name comes from Latin and means "forest, woods."

42. Simon: A Hebrew name, this means "to hear."

43. Stuart: This is an occupational name meaning "steward."

44. Truman: An Old English name, this means "loyal one."

45. Van: This name of Danish origin means "of."

46. Victor: This Latin name means "champion."

47. Wade: This Scandinavian name means "river ford."

48. Warner: Meaning "army guard," this name is of Old German origin.

49. Wesley: Meaning "western meadow," this name is of Old English origin.

50. Wilson: Meaning "son of William," this name comes from Old English.

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