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Top 50 Classic Baby Girl Names

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Names from the past, such as the ones in our list of the top classic girl baby names, are making a comeback on the birth certificates of baby girls everywhere. What you might have considered an "old-fashioned" name at one point may currently be on the top of your baby name list. Classic names give a traditional, timeless sound to a baby's name. Check out our Top 50 list of the best classic baby girl names, and their meanings!

Cute baby girlGiving your daughter a classic name, as opposed to a modern trendy name, means that you are often choosing a name that is rich with history. Classic names are also often ones that withstand the test of time -- or possibly even, at some point, lessen in popularity and are then revived by parents looking for an original, yet enduring name.

We've selected the Top 50 classic baby names for girls from names that were popular when our great-grandmothers were young and are now re-emerging with new life with another generation of girls. We've also selected old-fashioned names that would be lovely for a baby girl but haven't gained a foothold on the popularity charts yet.

1. Adele: This name has Old German roots and means "noble."

2. Alice: An Old German name, this means "noble, exalted."

3. Amelia: This is an Old German name meaning "industrious, striving." Also the name of a princess in England.

4. Anne: This name with Hebrew roots means "favored grace."

5. Belle: A French name, this means "beautiful."

6. Birdie: This classic name means "bright, famous, little bird."

7. Caroline: This was the name of George II's queen consort in the 1700's.

8. Catherine: This Greek name means "pure." Can also be spelled "Katherine."

9. Clara: A Latin name, this means "famous, brilliant." Another form of this name is Claire.

10. Clarissa: This elegant name is the Latin version of the name Clarice and is found in a number of medieval documents.

11. Cora: This name was possibly invented by author James Fenimore Cooper in 1826's "Last of the Mohicans" and is also the name of a goddess of the underworld.

12. Della: This German name means "noble."

13. Eleanor: A variation of the name Helen, this Greek name means "sun ray, shining light."

14. Elena: Another version of the name Helen, this also means "sun ray, shining light."

15. Ella: An Old German name, this means "other, foreign."

16. Emma: Hugely popular in the 1880's and beyond, this name is enjoying a rebirth and is now one of the most popular names in the United States. Its meaning is "entire, universal."

17. Evelyn: This name has a Norman origin, but its modern use comes from an English surname.

18. Faye: This name means "loyalty, belief."

19. Geneva: Meaning "juniper tree," this name has Old French origins.

20. Grace: This Latin name means "with favor."

21. Hannah: This name was popular generations ago and is hugely popular now. It is a Hebrew name that means "favored grace."

22. Hazel: An Old English name, this comes from the name of the hazel tree.

23. Hattie: This is a popular form of the name Harriet and means "home ruler."

24. Jane: Originally a feminine form of the name John, this means "the Lord is gracious."

25. Lenora: This name is another version of the name Helen.

26. Lillian: A Latin name, this means "lily." Popular today in the shortened form Lily.

27. Lila: This name has Arabic origins and means "night."

28. Lola: This is the short form of the Spanish name Delores and means "sorrows."

29. Lorene: This name is a good choice for a classic name that is not too popular right now -- it means "the laurel plant" and is another form of the name Laura.

30. Lucy: A name from Latin, this means "light."

31. Lydia: This Greek name means "from Lydia" (area in Asia where Midas and Croesus resided).

32. Mae: Another version of the name May, this refers to the fifth month of the year.

33. Miriam: This is an older version of the name Mary.

34. Molly: This is an Irish version of the name Mary: "star of the sea."

35. Myra: This Greek name means "myrrh."

36. Neva: A Latin name, this means "snow."

37. Nora: This name has an English origin and means "woman of honor."

38. Pearl: Meaning "pearl," this name has Latin roots.

39. Rose: A floral name from Latin meaning simply "rose."

40. Roxie: A Persian name, this means "dawn."

41. Ruby: This English name refers to the beautiful red gemstone.

42. Ruth: A Biblical name, this means "friend, companion."

43. Sadie: Very popular decades ago, this name is regaining favor with today's parents. It is a Hebrew name and means "princess."

44. Stella: Meaning "star," this name's origin is Latin.

45. Sylvia: This Latin name means "woods, forest."

46. Velma: This is another form of the name Wilma which means "determined protector."

47. Vera: A name of Latin origin, this means "truth."

48. Victoria: Once widely given in honor of England's Queen Victoria, this name is an excellent classic choice for your daughter. Meaning "victory," this is the female version of the name Victor.

49. Violet: Meaning "purple," this classic name has another version as well: Viola.

50. Vivian: A name of Latin origin, this means "lively."

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