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Top 50 Destination Baby Names

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Let us help you narrow down your baby name search with our list of the top 50 destination baby names for your girl or boy. Have a passport packed with stamps? Daydream of a jet-setting lifestyle for your child? Whatever your habits, destination baby names are a great way to show off your love of travel and infuse your child with the same love.

Baby holding globePeople have many reasons for letting geography guide their baby naming choices. Places have great significance, from first date locales to honeymoon destinations. Wanting to honor a village, city, state or country by bestowing its name on your child isn’t uncommon these days.

Whether you want to stay domestic or go international, get creative and open a map or spin a globe to cherry pick a name from the big wide world. An atlas is a treasure trove of possible names for your child.

And you don’t have to limit yourself to geography… or reality (look for the place from Arthurian legend in the list below). There are plenty of destinations within a destination – consider the street names, restaurants, shops and monuments that make up every city, especially the ones you love. Eiffel, anyone?

1. Abilene (Texas)
2. Alexandria (Virginia)
3. America
4. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
5. Austin (Texas)
6. Avalon (Island in Arthurian legend)
7. Boston (Massachusetts)
8. Bronx (New York)
9. Brooklyn (New York)
10. Carolina (North and South Carolina)
11. Catalina (Island in the Dominican Republic)
12. Charlotte (North Carolina)
13. Chelsea (England)
14. Cheyenne (Wyoming)
15. Dakota (North and South Dakota)
16. Dallas (Texas)
17. Denver (Colorado)
18. Eden (Biblical Garden of Eden)
19. Geneva (Switzerland)
20. Georgia (United States)
21. Hamilton (Ontario)
22. Houston (Texas)
23. India
24. Ireland
25. Kenya (East Africa)
26. Kingston (Jamaica)
27. Kitts (Saint Kitts, island of the West Indies)
28. Lincoln (Nebraska)
29. London (England)
30. Lourdes (France)
31. Lucia (Saint Lucia, island of the Commonwealth of Nations)
32. Madison (Wisconsin)
33. Marseille (France)
34. Martinique (French island)
35. Montana (United States)
36. Odessa (Ukraine)
37. Orlando (Florida)
38. Oxford (England)
39. Paris (France)
40. Phoenix (Arizona)
41. Savannah (Georgia)
42. Shiloh (Biblical city)
43. Sicily
44. Sonora (Mexico)
45. Troy (Ancient city, now an archaeological site)
46. Valencia (Spain)
47. Venice (Italy)
48. Vienna (Austria)
49. Virginia (United States)
50. Zion (Biblical, often designates the Land of Israel and Jerusalem)

A few other items to mull over when considering a travel destination for your child’s name:

• Note that a few of the names listed above are on the list of top names according to the Social Security Administration, such as Madison and Brooklyn. These might be cities you love, but do you love them enough to give your child what’s fast becoming a common name?
• Are you selecting the destination name just because you like the sound of it? Nothing wrong with that. But expect to field questions from curious friends and family (and strangers) about the meaning of your child’s name. And, most likely, your child will have questions of their own in the future as well.
• And one last suggestion – you don’t have to choose an existing proper noun to satisfy your idea of the perfect destination baby name. Create your own – from Journey to Traveler.

Finally, keep in mind that any place with great significance to you and your family can be the appropriate choice.

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