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Top 50 Exotic Baby Girl Names

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Are you looking for a new, unique name for your baby girl? How about a baby name with an exotic flair? Whether the origin of the name is Hawaiian, Asian, Native American, Japanese or African, you're sure to find an exotic baby name in our list that will pique your interest. From faraway places and wonderful languages, check out the top 50 exotic girl names and their meanings right here!

Cute baby girlHere is our pick of the top 50 exotic girl baby names and their meanings:

1. Asta: This Scandinavian name means "love."

2. Aster: Meaning "star," this is a Greek name that comes from the Greek word aster.

3. Avila: This is a German name with uncertain meaning that dates back to Medieval times.

4. Bela: This is the Hawaiian version of the Latin name Bella (pronounced bay lah).

5. Bina: A Hebrew name, this means "intelligence, understanding."

6. Dido: This was the name of the legendary queen of Carthage from Roman mythology.

7. Dimona: This Hebrew name means "south."

8. Dione: This name from Greek mythology was the name of the mother of Aphrodite.

9. Dorota: This is the Rumanian version of the name Dorothea, and means "gift of God."

10. Duscha: This name comes from the Russian word duscha, which means "happy."

11. Edda: This name comes from Norse mythology.

12. Ehani: A Sanskrit name, this means "desire, expectation, wish."

13. Eleri: This is a name that comes from Welsh legends as the daughter of a 5th century chief.

14. Esenia: This Spanish name comes from the lating word Esseni, which refers to an ancient Jewish brotherhood.

15. Eshe: This name, meaning "life," is a Swahili name.

16. Fayola: This Nigerian name means "lucky, good fortune."

17. Felora: Meaning "flower," this is the Hawaiian version of the name Flora.

18. Fenia: This name from Norse mythology was the name of a giantess.

19. Hasanati: This is a Swahili name that comes from the Arabic word hasan which means "beautiful."

20. Hiva: This Polynesian name means "a song to sing."

21. Givola: This Hebrew name means "bud."

22. Ishi: This Japanese name means "stone."

23. Jalini: This is a Sanskrit name and means "water dweller."

24. Janan: This Arabic name means "heart, soul, spirit."

25. Janoah: This name is from the Bible and it means "quiet, calm."

26. Kaliona: This Hawaiian name means "the one, lion."

27. Kaya: This Hopi Indian name means "my older sister."

28. Kesava: A Sanskrit name, this means "having fine hair."

29. Leonor: This is the Spanish version of the name Eleanor.

30. Leto: This was the name of the mother of Apollo and Artemis from Greek mythology.

31. Lior: This name means "my light" and is a Hebrew name.

32. Losa: This is the Tongan form of the name Rosa.

33. Mala: Another Hawaiian name, this means "garden."

34. Morela: This name comes from the Polish word morela and means "apricot."

35. Mura: A Japanese name, this name comes from the Japanese word meaning "village."

36. Nevara: This Spanish name means "to snow."

37. Nisha: Meaning "night," this Sanskrit name has another version -- Nishi.

38. Oni: This Nigerian name means "wanted, desired."

39. Opa: This North American name (Choctaw) means "owl."

40. Ranya: From the Arabic word ranya, this name means "gazing at someone."

41. Sarita: Meaning "a river, to flow," this is another Sanskrit name.

42. Sopheary: This name means "faithful, loyal" and is a Cambodian name (pronounced so fear ee).

43. Una: Meaning "remember," this is a Hopi name (Native American).

44. Vana: This Polynesian name means "a sea urchin."

45. Xanthe: This Greek name comes from the word xanthos which means "yellow, golden."

46. Zarina: This name is based on the Persian word zarina and means "golden."

47. Zarya: This is the name of a water priestess from Slavic mythology. She was also the protector of warriors.

48. Zemira: This Hebrew name means "song, melody."

49. Zoila: This is the Spanish feminine form of a Greek name (Zolio) which means "life."

50. Zoe: This is a Greek name meaning "life."

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written by Momof2inAZ, August 27, 2009
Great unique baby girl names! Love Zoe and Kaya!

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