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Top 50 Exotic Boy Baby Names

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Faces from afar, lands distant and not yet traveled, lands of sand and sun, fields of breathtaking green and places of exciting colors and flavors -- are you looking for an awesome exotic name for your baby boy? If you love the culture and language of foreign lands, we have the list for you. We have searched far and wide for the 50 coolest and hippest exotic baby boy names -- and their meanings!

exotic baby boy1. Arjun: This Sanskrit name, commonly used in India, means "white."

2. Avel: This is the Russian version of the Hebrew name Abel.

3. Avram: This Hebrew name means "exalted father."

4. Azizi: This Arabic name means "beloved, precious."

5. Azrael: This name comes from Hebrew and was the name of an angel in ancient Jewish and Muslim belief.

6. Bastien: A short form of the name Sébastien, this French name is commonly used as a given name.

7. Bojan: A Slavic name, this comes from the word "boi" which means "battle."

8. Brizio: This is the Italian form of the French name Brice.

9. Creon: This name comes from Greek mythology.

10. Demas: A Biblical name, this was the name of a missionary of Paul.

11. Deven: Derived from the Sanskrit workd "deva," this name means "a god."

12. Dobry: This Polish name means "good, kind."

13. Eryk: This is the Polish version of the name Erik.

14. Garrick: This German name means "spear."

15. Garvan: This is the anglicized version of an Irish name meaning "little rough one."

16. Hideo: This Japanese name means "excellent male."

17. Ichiro: A Japanese name, this means "first born son."

18. Ikale: This Polynesian name means "an eagle."

19. Iokia: Pronounced "ee-o-kee-ah," this is the Hawaiian form of the name Josiah.

20. Iwo: Pronounced "ee-vo," this is the Polish version of the French name Yves.

21. Jahan: This is another Sanskrit name. It comes from the word "jahan" which means "the world."

22. Jibri: This name that is used in Africa as well as throughout the Arabic-speaking world, pronounced "jee-bree," is the Arabic form of the Hebrew name Gabriel.

23. Kamil: This popular Arabic name means "perfect."

24. Kavi: Coming from the Sanskrit word "kavi," this name means "a poet."

25. Kenji: Another Japanese name, this means "second-born male."

26. Kosmas: A Greek name derived from the word "kosmos" which means "universe, order, harmony."

27. Lucan: This Italian name comes from an old Roman family name, Lucanus.

28. Makya: This Hopi Indian name means "eagle hunter."

29. Manu: A Polynesian name, this means "bird or animal."

30. Mazin: This is an Arabic name and might possibly come from the Arabic word "muzn" which means "rain clouds."

31. Midian: This name comes from a Hebrew word meaning "strife."

32. Miron: This is the Russian form of the Greek name Myron.

33. Nevan: This is the anglicized version of an Irish name meaning "little holy one."

34. Oran: An Aramaic name meaning "light."

35. Orazio: This is the Italian version of Horace, which is another old Roman family name.

36. Osman: This is the Polish version of a Scandinavian name which means "God is protector."

37. Ozuru: This Japanese name means "big stork."

38. Quon: This Chinese name means "bright."

39. Rishon: A Hebrew name, this means "the first."

40. Romao: A Portuguese name, this is derived from a Latin name (Romanus).

41. Sivney: This is the anglicized form of an Irish name meaning "well going."

42. Taheton: This Sioux Indian name means "crow."

43. Umberto: A popular Italian name that is the Italian version of the Germanic name Humbert, meaning "bright bear cub."

44. Uri: A Hebrew name, this means "a flame."

45. Vala: This Polynesian name has the interesting meaning of "a lioncloth."

46. Vasili: This Russian name comes from the Greek name Basileois and means "king."

47. Viktor: This is the Russian version of the name Victor.

48. Zenon: This Greek name is related to Zeus, the supreme deity in Greek mythology.

49. Zinan: This is another Japanese name that means "second son."

50. Zoltán: Used in Hungary, this name has Greek origins and means "life."

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